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Here’s How Texting Can Affect Your Relationship

From sending postcards to shooting instant messages to your significant others – we have come a long way. In the age of high-speed internet and smartphone, communication has found so many new ways. Texting is one of them. Technological advances bring our loved ones closer as it gives us the privilege to communicate and stay in touch all the time.

While it might seem like a good idea to stay in touch constantly over texts, it is important to make sure it does not impact the way you communicate in real life. This could massively impact your relationship with your partner. The short and sweet texts you send to your dearest one could be an easier way to dodge the in-person confrontation. And this makes it difficult to figure out the underlying reason or motives. It could fetch a great deal of anxiety to hinder the relationship in the long run.

The Positive Notes

Texting is not always a bad thing. Imagine being stuck in a place with nobody to talk to and unable to call someone. At times like that, instant messaging could be a lifesaver. Sometimes, to get rid of the boredom, you shoot a text to your loved ones. And it helps you tell them that you miss them. You could also send them encouraging notes to cheer them up or congratulate your partner on their achievements. This could be a great booster for your relationship and turn into a healthy practice if you stick to positive notes.

Hyperactive Texting

Things start to move in a different direction when you slowly make it the main mode of communication. At first, it seems to be a cool way to let your partner know something when you’re busy. But things get messy if you end up texting them even while you have the scope to talk or have a conversation.

Texting may increase the quantity of interaction, but it significantly reduces their quality. It can never replace the conventional way of communication. Talking to someone in person is a great way to build a strong relationship and that is something texting cannot achieve. In-person intimacy has always been a key to enjoy a healthy and prosperous relationship. And when you try to do that digitally, chances are high that it won’t work out in the long run.

Using Texting to Resolve Conflict

Understandably, sometimes we try to resolve the conflict through texting with an increasingly busy lifestyle. We argue, fight, and even ask for an apology, but everything happens on the screen of your gadgets. As we mentioned earlier, your partner might misinterpret your texts, making the conflict more intense. As a result, this could turn out to be a bigger issue from a little disagreement and could put your relationship in danger.

 Texts Don’t Contain Emotions

Probably the biggest drawback of text messages is to figure out the way it’s said. Being a recipient of the texts and sitting far away from your partner, it’s not humanly possible for you to understand the feeling or emotions attached to the message. Sometimes, you interpret the text in an opposite to the way your partner wants you to understand.

Hence, it gives birth to miscommunication and later anxiety. When talking in person, you can read the expression on someone’s face, the reflection of their current mood becomes visible, so it’s easier for you to swiftly decide the next course of action. But sometimes, it can be challenging for you to respond accordingly, leaving you at a point of no return in some cases. This affects the value of relationships.

Your Partner Needs You, Not Your Texts

In tough situations, your beloved partner needs you by your side, not your mere texts. To have a healthy relationship, you need to be equally compassionate to your partner, and there’s no way a text message can do that. Even in the case of long-distance relationships, the reality remains the same. If you’re not compatible enough with your partner, relying on the text in such a situation will only make the atmosphere more toxic. Misinterpretation will reign supreme.

Studies showed that both men and women reported unstable relationships when using the instant messaging system as the main communication mode. So, it’s evident that even texting has kept our dear ones at our fingertips, this could also harm the relationship.

While limited texting has been a great practice to wield daily communication, excessive usage could fetch disaster. Sometimes, you can win someone with text, but you have to confront them in person to keep them. So keep your phone away, and let’s talk.

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