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Here’s The Deal With Co-Parenting, According To Kourtney Kardashian

Kourtney Kardashian is riding high on the successful launch of her lifestyle app Poosh. It was through this app that we came to know how she is co-parenting with ex-husband Scott Disick to bring up their three beautiful children. After their breakup in 2015, both of them have moved on completely. Disick is dating the beautiful Sofia Richie now and Kourtney had been in a relationship with Younes Bendjima but broke up a while ago. In a vlog, Kourtney and Scott declared that despite not being together, they are bringing up their kids like they always wanted to. But things did take a bad turn when they each got busy with their new relationships. They decided to get therapy in order to bring some acceptance and better communication in their relationship.

Since the kids now have two homes, they also wanted to have similar ground rules in both houses. Having grown up with 5 other siblings, Kourtney has learned the hard way that comparing kids can hurt them a lot. Hence, she implements that in her way of parenting. She treats each one of her kid as an individual, and they are all equal in her eyes.

Despite all the challenges with co-parenting, Kardashian and Disick have been able to come to terms with the problems and work out the solutions. Now, they are on the same page. Even the initial awkwardness as to how they’d behave together is gone, too. Disick is now more than happy to have Kourtney around even if she wants to bring her friends over. And Kourtney feels the same way for him. For the sake of their kids, they are willing to go great lengths. He says, “What’s mine is yours. I live for the kids so whatever works and makes it easier for them is what I’m into.”

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