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Here’s How You Can Encourage Creative Thinking in Children!

Creativity is more about honing skill than inborn talent, an ability that parents and teachers must together facilitate among the kids to help nurse the talent and help it emerge. Many people harbor the common misconception that creativity is inherent.

They believe that kids are born with it and not something you can foster in a child. However, it may surprise you as a parent that a child has so much talent, and their talent is just looking for an outlet. Creativity allows someone to be more flexible and even come out as competent problem solvers. So, how can you make your child more creative?

Allow Them to Exercise Their Intelligence

Another key thing to remember is that though sometimes intelligence can be elusive, one can develop it later with various techniques.  Sometimes a parent may find it difficult to find the natural inclination towards a certain form of intelligence. The only way to develop intelligence is by providing ample opportunities to express their creativity and intelligence in the best possible way.

Encourage Questions

One of the chief ways of developing creative thinking in children is to encourage them to think, bordering on wonderment. When you are interacting with them, ask them questions like why is the sky blue? Why are there so many waves in the ocean?

Or maybe how does gravity work. Explaining and then directing questions to them may make them more curious. It can even improve their imaginative skills and help them be more adept at solving problems.

Encourage Problem Solving

Whether it is a math problem or an emotional problem, you must make your children understand that there are various problems as a parent or a guardian. And yet, there are numerous ways to solve a problem. Also, one must train one’s perspective to change the way one looks at things.

Encourage Them to Curious

Children are naturally curious, and they have a thousand questions in their minds and lips. It is thus the parent’s responsibility and the teachers to direct their curiosity in a particular direction. For instance, one can teach children rich art and culture and help them understand the underlying implications.

You can also make them more conscious about the environment and connect the dots between plants, animals, and the world around them. By discussing the key things about the world, you pique their interest in things like these and how they can bring about a positive change worldwide.

Create Activity Boxes

Creative intelligence is dependant on out-of-the-box thinking or going beyond the conventional thinking process. To encourage them to think, they have to disengage from the gadgets that keep them hyper. Steer them away from gadgets that hardly offer light to their imagination prowess. Instead, please enable them to focus on creative games and various activities. Certain play-based learning tools help develop various skills such as coordination, self-expression, developing fine motor skills, etc.

 Reduce Screen Time

Limit their TV or other screen time of your kids and encourage them to promote creative habits such as reading. Reading improves a child’s creativity, helps them express themselves better, develops their logical thinking, and helps them pick up new things.   You can encourage them to visit the library in your locality and discuss with them all about what they have read, their favorite author or book, and various characters in the book. This gives an insight into how and what your child may be thinking.

Let the Creativity Flow

Don’t always offer gifts and other incentives to coerce them to do a creative activity. This makes them do it only for that incentive in the end. This does not make them harbor quality and flexible thought processes. Please help your child master various creative activities and keep them motivated, not with material gifts. But with other things that hold their attention and keep it right there on the task and activity.

It is always important to understand what your child is thinking, channelize their thoughts in a constructive direction and keep their creative juices flowing. The sooner you start making them think in the right direction and the right direction, the more quickly they become well-rounded creative, and thoughtful individuals. So, let the creative juices flow and the learning begin!

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