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Five Signs That Show that You Are Being Taken for Granted in a Relationship And You Need Help!

It is very necessary to strike up good camaraderie with your partner and identify what makes you feel bad or impacts the health of your relationship in a negative way. The main reason for your deteriorating relationship can be ignoring your other half. Hence, it is important to identify the key signs that give you an idea of whether your partner is taking you for granted. Many tell-tale pointers can help you understand the situation better. Are they picking their friends over you? Making decisions that can upset you? Are they behaving like a stranger? These are some basic questions that you can ask yourself.

If disrespect creeps into your relationship and makes you feel bad, then you certainly need to find the root cause for it. Your partner should make you happy and contribute to your wellbeing, not add stress and worry to your life.

So, if you are feeling that you are being taken for granted, it’s time to make some decisions. The feeling of being unappreciated is not just a big communication gap, but it also creates a feeling of disrespect between the two of you. If you can relate to such feelings, here are some signs that you should look out for.

Your Partner Forgets to Thank You Repeatedly!

You do certain things for your own happiness and that of your partner. Whether it is cooking for them or planning date nights. You take time out for everything, but what if your partner never appreciates it? Will that be acceptable to you? Thank you may seem small in comparison to the amount of effort you put in at times. However, the lack of gratitude carries a lot of weight. It conveys that your partner fails to notice the big and small things you do for them. We sometimes expect very little things from our partners, but when they do we fail to appreciate them when they meet those expectations. So, take a step back and notice the efforts of your partner. Acknowledge and appreciate them.

Don’t Ask For Your Viewpoint

If your partner never seeks your advice, it may be because they do not consider it important. It might make your position an accessory, which could be a sign your instincts, experiences, or input are being taken for granted. In such a case, you need to let your partner understand that it takes two to make a decision.  How they respond to your plea will give you a clear idea of whether they understand the importance of it for you or not.

Your Partner Does Not Make Plans With You Together

If you are feeling invisible in your relationship, it may be time to rethink your relationship. Your partner may always book your calendar without asking for your permission. If you are expected to drop everything you are doing to cater to their schedule, it is a clear indication that you lack respect in the eyes of your partner. Partners should ask each other before committing to anything on the other’s behalf. If that is not happening, it sure is a sign that they are taking everything for granted.

Your Partner Does Not Share the Workload

Division of chores is sometimes a major cause of contention in a relationship. If your partner expects you to do everything in the household – from cooking, cleaning, and shopping to taking care of pets or children – without appreciating your efforts, then it’s a clear sign that they’re not actually appreciating your contributions. It is crucial to resolve such issues and you can start by making a list of everything that needs attention around the house. Use this list to open a strain of conversation with your partner. Shared responsibilities are an important part of the relationship and soon both of you will recognize them better.

Your Partner Ignores Special Occasions

You may be someone who is big on birthdays or like to go all out on special occasions and holidays. If your partner does not care much about them, it is bound to create friction between you two. It is time you realize that your partner is not paying heed to your needs and preferences. People often think it is okay to ignore their companion’s preferences as they would be always around, but it has detrimental effects on the relationship. Clear communication is the only way to get out of a situation like this. Talk to your partner and be very clear about the way you would like to celebrate a day or what you would want to do. It will ensure that they do things right on a special day.

Hence, the solution is to ensure clear communication with your partner. If you still feel that your partner is ignoring you, seek family counseling to iron out the differences.

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