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Are You Feeling Overwhelmed at Work? Here Are Some Therapist-Approved Coping Strategies For You!

Are you feeling overwhelmed at work? Well, you are not alone, as per reports, 40% of workers in America report that their job is extremely stressful, 25% think that their jobs are the number one stressor in their lives. A progressive overload of work can affect the work-life balance of most people.

Feeling overwhelmed is a feeling most people deal with it, but if it continues to wreak havoc on your daily life and makes you feel tired, irritable, and listless, it is time to identify the triggers and causes.

Emotional overloading can release the feeling of emotional overloading and release the stress hormones and keep the stress hormones, such as cortisol and adrenaline under control. It is important to keep a note of your thoughts, feelings, and actions to identify the triggers and react accordingly. Once we identify the stressors we may find out various stressors and build coping strategies to handle them.

Own Up to the Feeling

Most therapists think that people spend too much time thinking about the bad things that are happening in their lives, instead of focussing on the good things that happen in their lives. So, it is important to say thank you for every little thing that is happening in our lives and acknowledge that.

The fact that you can understand your feelings,  and self-awareness, and self-acceptance is one way of getting out of the feeling. It’s important to know how the emotion runs in your body and how it makes you behave. Once you understand the emotions and help them unravel feelings.

Understand Your Triggers

To eliminate the feeling of panic, it’s important to know what you do have control over. It is important to know how you respond to situations and what you do in a day.

If listening to everyday news is making you feel overwhelmed, then reduce it and listen to it for just a week. Or, you can just get a newspaper subscription and read that, rather than watching the news on TV or scroll on the news sites on your phone or see it online.

If you are feeling way too overwhelmed, consider spending time on things that can make you feel better, whether it is just doing exercises or doing something for your mind, such as a meditation practice, journaling, luxuriant baths, or indulging in hot nourishing food.

 Learn to Take a Break and Breathe

Feeling overwhelmed at work, or in relationships is a part of life. We may have to accept it, but there are ways that can instantly help get the situation better, and that’s the breathing technique. People don’t realize that the daily inclusion of this simple breathing practice can literally change the way you think.

When you are hitting the panic button all the time, you need something to control and a breathing practice like this can curb the feeling of panic. Regular breathing practice can help you re-grain control and calm you down. When you are in a state of overwhelm, inhale for four seconds, hold it for a second and then exhale for four seconds. Repeat it every time you feel a sense of panic.

Affirmations for the Win

Positive affirmations are another way of curbing down your overwhelming feeling. It’s important to try to unravel the subconscious mind and work with your blueprint, to see how to handle various situations.

Positive affirmations can help nudge away your worst fears and start making you feel positive. Repeating something as simple as ‘I am doing my best,’ and ‘I can do it,’ in the morning before you start your day. See which of the affirmations work for you to help you relax.

Try Not To Overplay Your Feeling

If you are always thinking about the bad things in life in general and constantly thinking about in loop, then try and harboring alternative thoughts and behaviors so you stop your mind from pandering to thinking about the worst possible outcome of a given situation.

It’s always best to seek help when things get beyond your control. Remember, you deserve to feel better, so seek help from a professional, especially when the general advice of taking it slow and harboring positive affirmations does not help you. While hustling hard is the general work culture right now, productivity anxiety is affecting people in general. Too much work, extended work hours, and pursuing the perfect work-life balance are pushing people off the edge and causing burnout. Identify the red flags and remember it is okay to slow down and take a break.


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