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Can A Sleep Divorce Actually Save Your Marriage?

In case your partner’s snores, grabbing the covers, frequent getting out of bed, or annoying behavior don’t allow you to have a sound sleep at night, it could pretty well be a reason for you to get a divorce. No, not the one you are thinking of. We are talking about a sleep divorce. You will find several couples who tend to become a barrier to each other’s quality sleep at night.

The solution they have come up with is just sleeping apart, which is getting a sleep divorce. In many cases, this has been fruitful. If sources are to believed, 12 percent of the couples in the United States have opted for a sleep divorce. It might strike you that can asleep divorce save a marriage?

Co-Sleeping Has Its History

The social norm of couples in a marital relationship sharing a bed has never been a traditional way. According to some experts, couples in the Victorian times slept together in a single bed out of necessity as well as take the community forward. If you go back to the middle ages, you will learn that the entire family used to sleep on the floor at night. By the turn of the 15th century, the beds started to become fashionable and couples gradually turned to opulent and large ones to cuddle each other.

It was only the people of the upper echelons of the society who had more than one bed. The 19th century witnessed separate beds to prevent germs from spreading due to close contact. Setting up two beds together gave the wives some liberty and comfort as well. From the 70s decade, however, sleeping separately was something people look down upon as old-fashioned. Therefore, a resurgence in sharing a bed took place which has become quite common between married couples nowadays.

Sleeping Apart Can Hold the Key to a Successful Marriage

As per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, getting a sound sleep of seven hours at night is highly advisable. If you miss out on a good night’s sleep, that can have a detrimental effect on your marital relationship as well as your mental and physical health. That’s not certain what you would want. According to a study, sleep issues have a direct impact on a relationship.

Another study has discovered that if one partner cannot sleep at night due to severe disturbances coming from the other at night, it eventually leads to conflict in the morning. Movement in bed, a mismatch in the schedule, snoring, etc. are considered to be the major reasons why a partner can’t afford a sound seven-hour sleep. Opting to sleep apart can turn things around in a relationship. Not being sleep-deprived would keep you in the right frame of mind and help you make your marriage work.

Better Sleep Will Keep You in the Pink of Health

Restorative sleep has plenty of benefits. Experts from The National Sleep Foundation have explained that healthy sleep is mandatory for your body. It not only heals and repairs your heart and blood vessels, but it also prevents you from getting obese, aside from boosting healthy immune response and healthy cognitive functioning.

Disturbed sleep has several negative impacts and that reflects on your health. In case you wake up a few times at night, all you get is less restorative sleep. Hence, a disturbed mind and disturbed health are what you experience the next day.

How Can You Talk About It?

If you are having a tough time coping with the disturbances from your partner on the bed and are thinking of trying a sleep divorce, be very clear in your mind in the first place and make yourself understand that this is what you want for the time being. Explain to your partner that this is not an act of rejection or something.

You are just trying to fit into an environment that helps you get some quality sleep at night. That’s it. Choose a time to discuss this when you both are free since explaining things to your partner would take time. It might become a sensitive issue for them but you have to make them feel comfortable about it.

Good health comes from good sleep. Getting a mandatory sleep of seven hours is necessary you want to spend your next day in a good mood. Getting a sleep divorce is more practical than getting a divorce in your marriage, isn’t it?

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