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This Is How You Can Make Your Interracial Relationship Stronger

The bedrock of any long-lasting relationship is patience and tolerance, which holds for interracial relationships too. Social or ethnic discrimination has no place in a modern society where the rational mind ought to take precedence over the prejudiced one.

However, even today, interracial couples are subjected to glaring intolerance and prejudice daily. The rate of interracial marriage has steadily increased since the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling in the Loving v. Virginia lawsuit in 1967. The ruling struck down state laws that banned interracial marriage. If you are in such a relationship, read on to know how you and your partner can strengthen your bond in the face of abject intolerance from sections of our society.

The Various Hues of Matrimony

Marrying across ethnic lines is becoming more and more common since the U.S. Supreme Court’s landmark judgment 52 years ago. In 2015, 17% of newly-married couples in the United States were in an interracial relationship. Any marriage takes a lot of work and thanks to the still prevalent prejudice in our society; an interracial marriage takes a lot more effort to make it work.

In an interracial marriage, it is very important to take into consideration each other’s differences. Respect for individual space is essential in any kind of marriage, more so in an interracial marriage. Marriage unites two people and binds them as one, but it is important to remember that the two are individuals with different personalities. Only when we learn to respect individual differences can build a strong bond.  A lasting relationship cannot be formed at the cost of individuality, as it is the unique personalities of two people that attracts them to each other in the first place. Differences in opinion and tastes constitute a successful marriage.

Best of Both Worlds

Some people tend to look at interracial relationships in a negative light just because certain sections of society cannot look beyond their value systems. Instead of focusing on the opinions of people outside your family, you should direct your attention to the opinion of the person you have planned to spend your life with. Think of an interracial relationship as an opportunity to learn about a culture and lifestyle different than yours. Remember that differences offer us new perspectives and changing views.

Each culture has its ethical values to offer and a culmination of different ethics, as well as cultural traditions, is a thing to cherish in an interracial relationship. Serving two cuisines from two cultures can be something unprecedentedly special. You both can try out new apparel and accessories. Thus, even in your differences, it is possible to find some fun. At least, it’s not going to be boring.

Differentiate Between Curiosity and Assumptions

It is crucial not to make assumptions about your partner’s likes or dislikes solely based on their race or ethnic background. Every individual is different and marriage teaches us to accept our own and our spouse’s uniqueness. Not every Indian loves curry and not every German is an expert on beer or sausages. Stereotyping a person based on their country of birth, religious beliefs, skin color, or orientation has no positive impact in an evolving modern society and it doesn’t help in an interracial relationship at all.

Blind assumptions should not replace your genuine feelings about your partner. Being curious about your partner means getting to know them in-depth, participating in an activity they like or trying out their favorite cuisine. Do not shy away from talking about race though. If you already have decided to be in an interracial relationship, then there is no point in avoiding the topic. If either partner ever had any negative experience concerning their racial identity, then it will greatly strengthen the relationship if the affected partner is candid and shares their experience with the other partner.

Stand Together

There are many interracial couples around you regularly dealing with prejudice and bigotry. Try to find couples who are in a similar position as you and bond over your shared troubles and rejoice over the pleasant aspects. A loving relationship never changes based on the color of skin, religious belief, or age difference. Lastly, don’t hesitate to visit a marriage counselor in case you cannot work things out between yourselves.

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