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‘Apology Dinner’ Is Trending On Twitter: Here’s What Family Therapists Think About It

Apology dinner is currently blowing up Twitter. The trend started on Thursday and has set the social media site on fire. All the drama kick-started on Wednesday after a Reddit user shared the story on Twitter. So, what is an apology dinner, and why would someone do it. An apology dinner happens to be a dinner thrown by one to apologize to a particular individual they haven’t been good to and have mistreated in the past.

That individual is usually a member of the family or even a close mate. Only the folks who have fallen out are part of the apology dinner. Also, some people offer support taking part in it. What the family therapists have to say about it? Let’s find out.

Apology Dinner Can Be Useful For Those Who Are Extreme Extroverts

Family therapists believe that an apology dinner can be a perfect setting for extroverts, but a nightmare who is not. Overall, the concept of an apology dinner is nice, and people might have good intentions. However, with tensions rising, things can go wrong within seconds. In that case, a one-to-one apology might be more suitable.

If someone is apologizing to maintain a good image around others, that apology has no meaning. Things will turn out to be futile. If you want to go ahead with it, the whole idea is something we need to agree upon. In case of a surprise apology dinner, those who are attending might feel awkward, and they might get hurt as well.

An Apology Dinner Can Turn Nasty

An apology dinner involving the members of a family or friends who will act as mediators can be a pretty bad idea. The whole affair can turn into a feud. This can often happen in the case of dysfunctional relationships. In such a situation, family members might take sides, blaming, shaming, and hurting others in the process. If anyone has the intention and is well-armed to spoil the entire thing, can do so. Therefore, the essence of an apology dinner will get spoilt.

Family therapists feel that this concept of an apology dinner must be kept private rather than public on social media sites. It would be nice if estranged people could apologize to each other, let bygones be bygones, and move on. If a non-judgmental can mediate, it will have a lot of value. Therapists say that if a one-to-one apology seems to be an uphill task for those who have fallen out with each other, they can discuss their issues with a skilled and experienced therapist who will help them restore peace and harmony between them.

A Meal Can Alleviate the Awkwardness and Intensity

Whether you throw a meal or not, just apologizing to someone from the heart has great value. This is what family therapists believe. It is always good to apologize to someone you had had a conflict with, even if you are technically not at fault. An authentic apology goes a long way in cementing relationships and can bring you guys closer to each other. The other party can also confess what’s going wrong with them and communicate whatever was inside their heart.

Authentic apologies tend to touch deeper and also alleviate the awkwardness and intensity between you two. According to several family therapists, the term ‘apology dinner’ is somewhat odd and can put your guest under a lot of stress. However, it’s always nice to have an honest and frank conversation while having a meal together.

Only a Handful of Adults Have the Maturity to Throw an Apology Dinner

The family members coming together to accept their mistakes and ask for forgiveness from others seem to be a very good idea, feel the family therapists. They feel it’s a fantasy. Very few adults have the required maturity to throw an apology dinner, where everyone partaking will have a positive mindset. However, most families fail to carry an apology dinner forward since they don’t know how to handle relationships.

If the family members come together with a positive frame of mind and honest intentions to set things straight with people with whom they have fallen out, the idea of an apology dinner might make sense. However, it might not happen instantly and might take some effort. But remember, there is no harm in trying.

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