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You Won’t Believe the Most Outrageous Beauty Therapies that These Celebs Have Been Endorsing!

Whether it is a home remedy or an expensive spa treatment, celebrities have been using amazing, staid, and sometimes weird tips and tricks to enhance their beauty.

As we said, at times these products contain strange ingredients which make you wonder, how can they possibly use that! Though few of the celebrities even face backlash for their less than ordinary beauty hacks, no one cares as long as they work for them and do not hurt anyone!

However, it is interesting to accompany them on their wellness journey and find out whether any of their secretive or not-so-secretive beauty ideas are worth stealing.

Sleep Like Jennifer

Or should we say sleep like a corpse? Jennifer Lopez certainly believes in that. She has really been in the thick of things with her albums, movie – Hustlers, and hooking up with her ex-flame, Ben Affleck.

However, it is her youthful and drop-dead gorgeous looks that always keep her in the news. How does she manage to look so good with each passing year? What’s the secret to her glowing complexion and fab body?

Well, her lifestyle choices have a lot to do with it as she neither smokes nor drinks. Still, there is a secret sauce to her beauty routine. She sleeps on her back and stays that way, so as not to get any wrinkles. She also has a sleep strategy in place where she has a nest of pillows to stop herself from flipping over.

Hailey Baldwin’s Strange Moisturizer!

Hailey Baldwin is another celebrity who uses a facial lotion that contains strange ingredients. This lotion is the creation of Dr. Barbara Sturm, a leader in molecular cosmetics. This moisturizer has blood in it and before you freak out – it is Hailey’s own blood!

Yes, the blood is extracted from her arm and then mixed in a centrifuge to separate the plasma and the white blood cells. These parts of her blood are then added to the MC1 Blood Moisturizer. Dr. Sturm reasons that our own platelets are adept to fight off signs of aging as they reprogramme our skin. Not only does it sound icky, but it is also really costly.

Bird Poop Facial Anyone?

Victoria Beckham’s bird poop facials are famous, or should we say infamous. We wonder what is the deal with using bird poop. Does it really add glow to your face? Is it the answer to your aging woes?  Nightingale facials are made up of sanitized nightingale bird poop. The excrement is dehydrated, ground into a fine powder, and mixed with water to form a paste that can be applied to the skin. It contains urea that helps lock in moisture, and guanine that brightens up the skin. However, don’t blame us if we stick to the conventional masks and creams!

Natural Botox Like Kate

The Duchess is not only known for her incredible style but also for her quirky facial expressions. If you think that you have heard about some strange beauty rituals, wait till you hear this. Kate seems to have taken a fancy to bee venom.

When the bee venom comes in contact with the skin, it starts reacting as if the skin is stung – making it firm and plump. Apart from stinging your skin, it can also help your scars heal faster, reduce acne appearances, and improve the overall texture of the skin.

It may suit you if you aren’t allergic to bee stings. However, if you are, then this is probably not the beauty therapy for you.

Leech therapy Like Demi

Demi may be a few years short of hitting her sixtieth year, but by any yardstick, she does not look like it. In fact, she can give any girl half her age, a run for her beauty products. That makes us wonder, exactly what beauty therapy does she use to maintain her looks.

Well, to get her insanely good looks, she went to Europe to use the detoxifying benefits of leech therapy. Yes, it is exactly what you think. These are the slimy blood-sucking parasites! The leeches suck the blood out of your skin and release enzymes that are said to remove toxins from your blood and give your skin a gorgeous look.

Have you heard about these beauty therapies? If you have, then let us know whether you are willing to give these a try!

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