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What Is It Like To Be A Publicist?

When one thinks of ways to make a big name for themselves in Hollywood, the only thing that probably comes to mind is being talented. However, a lot more goes into being an A-lister; spending time in public with the right people, picking out the right projects, and saying all the right things when placed under the spotlight.

While focusing on their talent, most celebs turn to publicists to help them run this area of their career smoothly. The work of a publicist is to help a likable celebrity turn into a sensational brand. After getting in touch with several celebrity publicists, today we have gathered all the details of the work of a publicist.

Christina Morillo/Pexels | Being available for your client at all times is a must

Flexibility Is A Requirement For The Job

If you happen to be someone who is used to living a life that is totally under your control, packed with schedules and plans, the entertainment publicity field is not the one for you. You never know when your client might need you. A publicist said that there is no telling when your client gets in trouble. For example, they get pulled over while drinking and driving.

This just shows that they can need you at any point in time, and you’ll need to be there because they are paying for your services. Another publicist said that this skill is highly important because seizing an opportunity is vital when responding to a crisis. | The job of publicists is not as fun as it seems

They Look Out For One Another

Even though the Hollywood industry has made its reputation of being quite ruthless, the publicity side is not the same. A publicist revealed that helping their peers and guiding them is a normal thing for them. She talked about how many of her colleagues checked up on her on a day when her client was in the midst of a crisis.

According to her, there is, understandably, a bit of competition amongst them. However, most of them do not seem to see it that way; they treat each other as colleagues and know that when they need help and guidance, they can reach out to one another. 

Mentatdgt/Pexels | All publicists think of each other as colleagues instead of as competition

Their Job Ain’t As Alluring As It Seems

Even though publicists go to award shows, film festivals, and Hollywood parties, in no way do they feel the same as the celebrities they’re representing. It would be a rare situation where people’s perception of a publicist’s work would align with how they feel about it. They said that sometimes even their close friends assume that their life is so much fun and so glamorous, but no one understands that attending some big festival has no correlation with happiness. While loving their job, it gets difficult for them to enjoy a festival like the Cannes Film Festival as it is a work thing.

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