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Wendy Williams Announces Her Return to Television Amid Health Scare

For weeks, Wendy Williams’ health scare has left everyone wondering what will happen to her show if she never comes back. The troubled TV show host is known for her fierce work ethic and ambitious nature which has often gotten in the way of her health. She was so busy working on her successful show that she missed three critical doctor’s appointments. Wendy suffers from Grave’s disease and hyperthyroidism which forced the host to take a long hiatus from television and focus on her health.

Wendy disappeared from the spotlight after a scandal about her husband’s infidelity surfaced in the media. It was the right time for her to take some time off to look after her health and sort out problems within her marriage.

Wendy’s marriage to Kevin Hunter, has suffered since the cheating rumors first came to light many weeks ago. She has spent over two months away from her purple chair on The Wendy Williams Show. Everyone wants her back but her staff are more worried than the rest of us. They are not ready to lose their jobs and have not heard from Wendy since she left the show.

But the big news is that Wendy is coming back on March 4. This time we pray she takes good care of her health because we don’t want to lose her again.

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