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Is Water Therapy the ‘It’ Thing on the Block? Top Celebrities Who Swear by It!

What is it about celebrities and their flawless glowing skin? Well, most of us trying our best to ape the celebs to get that enviable glassy skin. Don’t tell us you haven’t tried every hack in the book to get beautiful, glossy skin. Most celebrities we know don’t resort to complicated and expensive beauty treatments to enhance their skin’s beauty. Instead, they stick to tried-and-tested methods such as the water therapy to pout and preen on their selfies and flaunt their near-perfect glossy skin.

We know you are skeptical and refuse to believe that they stick to just water for their skin! Really?! No beauty treatment whatsoever? Maybe they do, but when it comes to our skin’s health, let’s focus on that one beauty treatment that won’t cost you a dime. Let’s make the celeb’s beauty secret ours too and find out the number of celebs who can’t do without their eight glasses of water or more to maintain their glowing skin.

 Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner revealed in her app that there is so much to maintaining good skin than just slathering on copious amounts of moisturizer and shielding yourself from the sun, by applying a think coating of sunscreen, blocking the sun and blocking your pores with it. Water is what keeps your skin glowing from within. We are not asking you to take our word for it, try it and then let us know.

 Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston looks fab at fifty-one! And her simple formula to defy age and look great? Why water of course! Besides eating healthy, If you find that part tedious, just focus on the simpler part, that’s right, drink water and while you are at hydrating your insides, remember to invest a light hydrating moisturizer too. Oh, it works big time!

 Gabrielle Union

You don’t believe us? Well, hear it from actress Gabrielle Union who drinks a gallon a day and gets in thirty-two ounces for breakfast. It will keep your skin, hair, and nails shining with health all year round. Just look at Gabrielle Union and see the results!

Victoria Beckham

As we age we must include as many skin-friendly hacks as possible so that you have people coming to you and declaring how amazingly young you look! Okay, let’s rephrase that you just look at yourself in the mirror and wonder who is that not-a-day-over twenty-five looking back at you! Former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham agrees that water is the single-most powerful skin-friendly hack you could ever use and add to that, restorative sleep. There you have your secret formula to look ageless!

 Cameron Diaz

If you are someone who wakes up to Instagram, well hear what American actress Cameron Diaz has to say about waking up to drinking water and looking like a million bucks! Looking at her, you would realize that she knows more than a thing or two or more about beauty!

Okay, she fills up a large glass bottle near her bathroom counter and drinks that as soon as she brushes her teeth. So, she believes eight hours of sleep can dry out your lungs! So you need to wake up and replenish the lost moisture. Her skin goes straight from the wilted plant to a rejuvenated plant in a matter of minutes!

 Kim Kardashian

Yeah, we know you keep looking at Kim’s amazingly perfect skin and hair and wonder how does she do it every freaking time! We understand because consistency does not feature in our dictionary too! Okay, as far as our skin is concerned. A pimple threatening to erupt the very day you want your skin to look perfect to open pores to yeah we know you get the drift! But Kim has a few things to say about good skin, okay only one thing to say, drink lots of water. Yeah, that’s all!

Tyra Banks

Supermodel Tyra Banks thinks drinking water does great things to your skin. There’s a catch though you must hydrate yourself with thirty-two ounces of water before lunch! Think you can do it? Looking at her, we would nod humbly and say yeah we do and repeat that again yes we can do it!

America Ferrera

America Ferrera, the girl we loved watching in The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, echoes similar drinking water thoughts. Well, she started the water hack theory, and it showed amazing results on her skin, hair, and nails. and girl looking at your Instagram account we agree!

Been there, heard that, but never thought of trying it? Well, now you should do it too! Also, remember to stay consistent. We all know what happened to the girl who tried it for one week and then gave it all up!

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