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Paris Hilton’s Painful, Traumatic Past That Still Gives Her Nightmares

Anybody can agree that Paris Hilton is the embodiment of glitz and glamour. Being a hotel heiress, her life is far sweeter than most of us. In fact, it would seem that she doesn’t need to work a day in her life in order to survive, unlike the rest of us.

Sure, her life was handed to her on a silver platter; has rich friends; and nice homes while growing up, but behind Paris’ enviable fabulous life is a tragic past. Particularly when she was a teenager, the socialite faced a traumatic experience that haunts her to this day.

Unforgettable Experience

We may feel like we know Paris because of her years in the spotlight but as it turns out, she had just been playing a character for the public. In fact, she opened up about her real self in a documentary, which she hoped would open her followers’ eyes to who she really is.

In the trailer, the socialite revealed that she suffered a very frightening incident when she was young – it was so traumatic that she still has nightmares about it. As per reports, Paris is talking about her days at the Provo Canyon School, where she was a boarder in her teenage years.

Sleuths have found that this is an institution for troubled teens and was marketed as a treatment center, but Paris never felt that the place was for healing. Actually, the celebrity thought the otherwise – that the place was a ‘torture’ for her.

Everyday ‘Torture’

She recalled how it didn’t seem like a school although it technically is one. Paris remembered how she was yelled at excessively all day.

Apart from people screaming at her, the school staff would also treat her poorly, bullying her and making her feel bad. As such, there was no healing that had happened. Instead, her mental health worsened while she stayed there. Every day, Paris would find herself crying and having panic attacks because of her experiences. She likened herself to a prisoner, who hated her life.

Yes, she thought of talking to her family about this but she was only allowed to speak to them every two or three months. Even her attempts to call or write to them went unsuccessful.


Even though she had a very heartbreaking experience in the school, Paris has no plans to take legal action against the institution. However, she is keen on exposing what she went through in Provo Canyon.

Moreover, Paris has also decided that she wants places like this school to be shut down.

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