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You Would Never Guess That Tom Hanks Has Type 2 Diabetes

Sometimes we don’t seem to remember that stars are after all, just like us. Which is why we are very surprised to hear that our favorite stars also suffer from chronic diseases just like any of us can. But truth is that there are many celebrities who have come out in the open and shared their journey with various illnesses, in hopes that people can feel less alone when receiving a diagnosis. It has shattered their larger than life image, but has made them more human, more approachable and more lovable.

Tom Hank’s Confession

In 2017, Hanks confessed that he has been suffering from Type 2 Diabetes for some time. The Oscar-winning actor is definitely one of the best that Hollywood has ever produced. His movies like Forrest Gump, You’ve Got Mail etc, are Hollywood classics. It must have been a big struggle for him, controlling blood sugar all the time. He realized that just taking the buns out of his hamburger wouldn’t help anymore.

What Steps Did He Take?

Thankfully, it is a disease that can be controlled. Over the years, Tom did just that. He took care of his lifestyle, lost weight and switched over to a healthier diet. Having dealt with diabetes since the age of 36, Hanks was tired of this struggle. Hence he made big changes in his life, which lead to a leaner, fitter and healthier him. Cutting back on carbs and processed food and choosing a high-fiber diet might have helped along with regular workouts. Hank’s movies required him to lose and gain weight several times in her career that must have contributed to his illness. However, we hope he is doing better now.

If not controlled in time, diabetes can lead to blindness and heart disease too. We are glad one of our favorites took control of the disease when he did and is making the necessary changes for a better and healthier lifestyle.

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