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How Kourtney Kardashian is Keeping Up With Her ‘Kosmetic’ Makeovers

Name one cosmetic procedure that the Kardashians have not tried out in their bid to look ageless. The trend was started by the family matriarch, Kim Kardashian, who used cosmetic procedures to enhance her beauty and the rest of the sisters followed suit by opting for various treatments to raise the bar when it comes to beauty. From Kendall to Kylie, Kourtney to Khloe, and even Caitlyn Jenner, the list of women in the family who have had cosmetic makeover is endless.

Although it’s easy to see that not everything about the Kardashians’ appearance is natural, the family is famous for denying plastic surgery rumors. Kourtney Kardashian may not be as popular as her sister Kim, but, she still commands influence in social media space. To keep up with her appearance, she has done various laser treatments, brow lift, nose job, lips fillers, and many other beauty procedures.

She didn’t come clean about the procedures in public but there is some pretty concrete evidence that proves the extent of Kourtney’s love for surgical makeovers.  Why do we think this is worth talking about?  Kourtney denies that she has gone under the knife except for a few nips and tucks. But, top surgeons who have operated on Kourtney don’t agree with her. They revealed that fans will be shocked by how many times she has actually gone under the knife.

A few days ago days ago, Kourtney and her ex-husband, Scott Thomas reunited to celebrate the 45th birthday of Jonathan Cheban at Nobu restaurant in Malibu. While we don’t know the status of their relationship, we are hoping Kourtney will come out and deny these allegations from some of these doctors.

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