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Kendall Jenner Reveals How Her Debilitating Acne Almost Ruined Her Career

Kendall Jenner is one of the most famous models in the world who’s known for her flawless skin. But don’t get carried away by her appearance these days because her beauty came with a price. The 23-year-old model shocked her fans with her 10-year challenge, which showed us the dark side of Kendall.

Who could believe that the flawless Kendall once struggled with debilitating acne at the age of 13? Kendall’s skin problems were so bad that she often broke into tears when people stared at her or made her feel selfconscious.

The supermodel wasn’t as confident as she is today because of her debilitating acne. Money, maturity, and fame transformed Kendall from a fearful personality into a daring figure who inspired millions of young girls around the world. Today, our beautiful Kendall has a contagious smile and the confidence to walk the runaways like a princess. She admitted that suffering from acne was debilitating for her career even though she knew that people are suffering from worse problems around the world.

She revealed that she had dealt with acne since her teenage years. The condition made her suffered from insecurity, helplessness, and anxiety. The model made us realize that she is human like everyone else and she has insecurity, but she has learned to overcome them through her modeling career. She told her story to teach the younger generation that perfection is just a myth created by the media. Each one of us is imperfect in their own way which is what makes us all unique and beautiful.

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