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Jennifer Aniston Reveals Her Secret to Looking Young at 50

Just a few weeks ago, Jennifer Aniston celebrated her 50th star-studded birthday. But even at the age of 50, she can deceive you with her youthful appearance. Wondering the secret to her flawless skin and healthy living? The actress has a few simple habits you may want to try. Jennifer’s dieting habit started when her agent told her many years ago that she lost a role because she wasn’t skinny enough. She decided that she was going to eat healthy and exercise regularly to lose weight, but she quickly found out that cutting calories and starving herself wasn’t the way to go.

These days, the actress is all about body positivity and self-love. She wants people to stop bothering about the numbers on the scale or  their outer beauty because it will all fade with time anyway. Jennifer said that she has given up on her obsession with looking pretty and perfect, and is now focusing more on living a healthy lifestyle.

She enjoys a variety of workouts such as cardio, yoga, spinning, resistance training, and The Class by Taryn Toomey. She spends three days a week practicing a spin-yoga, which takes about 30 minutes per session. The next three days, she goes for weight-training to sculpt her body and build muscle.

On a typical day, Jennifer goes for a cup of hot water with lemon in the morning and take protein smoothie with chocolate almond milk, chocolate stevia drop, a collagen peptide, a little cacao powder, blackberries, bananas, a greens powder, and cherries.

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