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The Incredible Reason Why Courteney Cox Stopped Using Fillers

We have often seen celebrities step out without make-up looking barely recognizable. Many of these famous personalities have come across their fans in uncommon places and people have failed to recognize them. The truth is simple; being a female celebrity gets harder as they grow older. They find themselves struggling in the face of competition from their younger counterparts.

For Courteney Bass Cox, she learned a lesson with fillers that made her look different. She found it hard recognizing herself that she dissolved her fillers two years ago.

The new face of L’Oréal Paris’ reveals it is natural for women to age especially celebrities. She has accepted that getting old was a natural process that no one should try to disrupt. It’s no secret that Courtney has been using fillers for years to reduce the signs of aging. One day, she woke up and realized that she was a different person with all the beauty enhancements.

Cox is more comfortable with her appearance now and has embraced her true self. She has sworn off botox and other surgical procedures completely and wants to age gracefully.

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