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Here’s How Celebs Stay Svelte and Shapely With Dance!

When it comes to fitness, the tried and trusted often seems boring for most of us, and it is the same with celebs who would trade 30 minutes on a treadmill with a jazz class any day. We mean, why bother to rely on boring machines when you can shake your booty and lose the extra fat and have a whole lot of fun while you are at it.  Celebs too try to shake their old routine and find new ones and choose something out of the box to keep themselves interested and happy. Such new ways make them want to come back to the fitness regime again and again.

Jennifer Lopez

The pop star, actress, and reality show judge is a terrific dancer. She began her journey with the Fly Girl on Fox’s hit show In Living Color in the early 90s. Till today, Jennifer Lopez refuses to forget her dancer roots and uses them to stay fighting fit even today. She is also great on the stage, her gravity-defying steps have her fans wanting for more.

Ricki Lake

Ricki Lake had people wonder about her svelte frame when she premiered at the start of the show – Dancing With the Stars – flaunting a leaner and meaner frame. Word is out that it may have much to do with the fact that she spent hours doing the bar method and of course dancing. While she may not put in as many hours as before to dancing, it is still this upbeat activity that keeps her in great shape.

Kelly Osbourne

She has also been part of Dancing With The Stars and lost 50 pounds since she took part in the show in 2009. It is also because of the ballet-inspired, The Bar Method that helped her pack in the muscles in the right places and of course, lose oodles of weight.

Minnie Driver

Actress Minnie Driver has been taking the dancing route to stay fit and she chooses different forms of it to include in her fitness regime. She does JAM – Juicy Athletic Moves – and combines dance forms such as Zumba, belly dancing, plyometrics, and strength training. She has been doing it two to three times a week for the last two years. Well, she has JAM to thank for a gorgeous, long, lean body and a strong core while gaining endurance, flexibility, and strength. If you really want to lose weight then JAM is certainly the way to go, it is a South African hip-hop type of dancing and can really accelerate the weight loss process.


Also a JÄM devotee, Pink lost a lot of weight after delivering two babies. Her number one goal is to remain healthy and strong as a woman and mother. She also has impressive acrobatic skills which she often displays on her shows!

Brooke Burke

She was also part of the Danced With the Stars and won. She also took over the seat of the show’s host. Now, Brooke is another of the JÄM session devotees and joined the likes of the Minnie Driver, Mira Sorvino, and Pink. Brooke is in great shape and it may be because of the intensive moves that are included in the dance regime. She is a real inspiration on the dance floor and puts up a great example of what a great calorie-scorcher JAM is.

Erin Andrews

Erin has worked with LA-based trainer, Mario Serban, who helps dancers in protecting themselves from injuries at ongoing competitions. Erin danced her way into the finals, all thanks to Mario. It was actually with the help of Mario that Erin competed on Season 10 of Dancing With the Stars. She injured her back during the fourth week of the show but she got back to her best form under Mario’s care. Her injury not only could not prevent her from dancing but also helped her stay in the competition until the very end.

Well, dancing is certainly the most fun and effective way to lose the extra flab and be in your best shape ever. Well, if these celebs can do it, so can you. You don’t even need fancy equipment to lose the extra weight. It is important to make dancing a regular and permanent part of your life to reap its numerous benefits.

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