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Here’s How You Can Glow Like Son Ye-Jin – the South Korean Queen of Melodrama

If you are an avid fan of Crash Landing On You, the popular Korean drama on Netflix, you probably lost your heart to Son Ye-Jin. The Queen of Melodrama is a name to reckon with in the Korean show business. Her unique fashion sense, hairstyling, and makeup choices have a lot of fans. She is a fashion icon for many across the globe. Find out what she prefers as far as her beauty routines.

Imperfect Eyebrows

If you don’t have much time to perfect your eyebrows, that shouldn’t be an issue. Mu Jin, her makeup artist, prefers not to use any eyebrow products on her before the Netflix drama. Usually, in all the Korean dramas, you would notice that they have eyebrow fillings to give a more so-called natural look to the characters. This applies even when the characters are in bed.

However, in Crash Landing on You, you will notice the ungroomed brows that Son has. She has super-glowing skin. Therefore, she didn’t have to think twice before leaving her eyebrows untouched.

Natural Glow After Waking Up

A natural glow after getting out of bed seems to be a myth for many people who don’t have flawless skin, bright eyes, and perfect hair. Well, if you have watched Crash Landing On You and never missed out on a scene, you would know that Son looked like a dream after waking up and preferred to keep it close to reality in the majority of her scenes. The tousled hair never looked over-styled, and her unfilled eyebrows, as well as a zero-mascara look, made the takes appear more realistic. Son’s eyelashes, too, were not nicely curled, unlike most of the Korean artists. This surely sends out a positive message.

Not Having Styling Tools at Hand

Gu Mi-Jeong, Son’s hairstylist, revealed that actress prefers to do her hairstyling in scenes where she needs to sport hairdos that must look natural. According to Gu, Son is quite an expert in styling her hair herself. She is famous for either braiding her hair or just leaving it in a bun.

In situations where you wish to add a chic look to your hair, but don’t have the requisite skills or styling tools near you, you can braid your hair, pull it to one side, and then arrange it with a scrunchie. It’s as simple as that.

There Is No Age for Skincare

Se-ri, the character that Son played in the drama, has stolen hearts with her flawless skin and naturally glowing skin. Her youthful look helped her capture a special place in the hearts of the viewers. In one of the scenes, she treats her skin with a light-therapy device just after a soak. That she considers as the key to becoming young once again. So that’s a pointer if you wish to revive your skin’s glow and give it a more effervescent look. All you need to do is pamper your skin with all the right things, and results would soon follow. An intensive skincare regime has no age bar. You can start it at any point in time in your life.

Confidence Plays a Key Role

More than anything, your confidence is what makes you look perfect. Rocking the world with charm is possible if you have the right kind of self-esteem. Se-ri has taught her fans to keep their chin up under any circumstance and never forget to make a bold statement. Even when your dignity is under threat, never let go of your self-belief, since that would come handy in times of crisis. If you make a good enough statement for yourself, you would hardly need a makeup kit.

There isn’t an iota of doubt that Son Ye-jin has redefined beauty. The way she has carried herself throughout Crash Landing On You is mindblowing, and it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that Son has opened new doors for people to look naturally beautiful. You can try her beauty hacks before your next prom or dinner party.

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