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Four Celebrity-Endorsed Beauty Treatments You Can Try Instantly!

There’s probably no limit to which we’ll stop at in order to look better than we already do. At least, that’s the motto a lot of celebrities are now living by because the lengths that they’ve gone to maintain or enhance their beauty are just insane, and sometimes, out of this world. You’d never think that getting stung by bees is something that the average person would do, but our beloved celebrities are already at the treatment centers, getting their doses, just to see their skin glow with resemblances of youth and beauty. Hollywood’s A-list personnel are known to go even further than other celebrities in these strange methods to keep up with the most current beauty trends. The sacrifices that celebrities make in order to have their skins glow like candles in the dark are something to be admired and applauded. Half of what we’re about to cover are almost impossible to try by yourself without any professional assistance, so we’d recommend you don’t give it a DIY attempt. From consuming clay itself to getting stung by painful insects, we’ve got a list of otherworldly beauty treatments that you’ll probably love to hear about!


This one’s a well-known method of improving the health of one’s hair, but it’s not too famous outside the country. Honestly, it’s probably not worth you going through the trouble since it’s so time-consuming. The process consists of holding a candle at the tip of your hair in order to completely get rid of the hair splits. Hair splitting is a troublesome thing to get used to and can destroy the way a person looks no matter how much you try to hide it. However, with Velaterapia, you won’t have to worry about that as the tips of your splitting hair will literally be burned off, leaving you with nothing to worry about! Celebrities like Alessandra Ambrosio have tried this one, and their hair quality is proof that this method works!

Consuming Clay

This is probably something most of us did as kids, but Shailene Woodley seems to have discovered some actual benefits of the practice! According to her, the clay that she consumes rids her body of all sorts of unwanted antibodies, and this helps her skin (and her health in general). She’s even eaten some in front of an audience just to prove that she isn’t joking about the whole thing! Eating clay probably works too, because Shailene looks completely marvelous all the time! This one probably couldn’t hurt to try if you’d go with clay that isn’t contaminated and non-harmful, and lastly, we can’t stress this enough, safe to eat! The worst that could happen is that you’d be reminded of some childhood memories.

Getting Stung By Bees

You probably didn’t know this, but getting stung by bees can actually help with scars and inflamed skin! The practice has been alive and well, and now actress Gwyneth Paltrow has discovered it. According to her, she’s gained a lot of help from the natural treatment that has no negative side effects (unless you’re allergic to bees), and that it’s helped her look much better than before! You’d probably not want to test this one out since even Gwyneth admits that the treatment is highly painful. For us, just some skin cream will do the trick – bee stings can wait for another day!

Bathing In Wine

Jessica Simpson has a rather extravagant way of making sure her entire body looks great! She pours red wine into her bath, mostly a full bottle (with some left for her to drink). She’s told that the practice helps her out a lot, and doesn’t have any side effects either, which makes it highly preferable to chemicals that could end up harming the consumer. She uses the residue at the bottom of the bathwater as an exfoliator, and she recommends it to everyone! If you’ve got a spare bottle of wine lying around, or a spare few bucks, you should give this one a go and see what sort of an outcome you get! It sounds harmless enough to try, doesn’t it?

There are plenty of other different, rather strange or unique, techniques that celebrities have started including in their lifestyles, but these were the few that really caught our attention!

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