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Famous People Who Experienced Panic Attacks (And Got Treated For It)

In most cases, we’ve often assigned the term ‘panicky’ to anyone who tends to react to a situation. But has it ever occurred to you that the disorder is a manifestation of something more serious? One of the least understood among the major anxiety ailments is panic disorder. It has physical symptoms that are quite difficult to control. This is mostly because of the adrenaline levels that can weaken down a person both emotionally and physically. The world is replete with people who have battled with panic attacks, grave ones to be precise. Even some of the famous people from different walks of life had to deal with it. Some of these people have also spoken in public about their issues and how psychologists helped them overcome them.

Johnny Depp

Depp is extremely shy as a person. However, we understand this is hard to believe, given his flawless acting on screen. But in reality, he had to struggle with a social anxiety disorder for years. Acting gave him a liberating outlet and helped explore all possible potentialities of whichever character he had essayed. For example, Edward Scissorhands is one of the best roles that he portrayed where his character had to fight with social evils to fit in. As that’s something he could relate to personally, he brought the character to life!

On the other hand, Jack Sparrow would never make you feel he nestled nervousness deep within! What is great about the actor is that he has always accepted his shy and paranoid behavioral traits. He hates fame, and he openly said that on several occasions. All that he wanted to do is good work that would convey a powerful message to people like him.

Edvard Munch

We all know about the famous “anxiety-evoking” artwork called The Scream. Painted by none other than the Norwegian maestro, Edvard Munch, the painting was largely a by-product of one of his very severe panic attacks. That incident propelled him to take it as an inspiration.

While we got one of the best crafts of all time, we truly appreciate Edvard’s strong mind, who never mulled over his shortcoming. Instead, he showed the world how effectively he could transform a sad, disturbing panic experience into something that made him immortal as an artist. Many of his artworks are laden with symbolism, and it appears like Munch was pretty obsessed with the dreamlike scenarios. His sufferings helped shape his style.


One look at the 32-year old charming, graceful beauty, and you wouldn’t believe she has difficulties aplenty for her ‘panicky’ nature. The pop sensation often speaks about how anxiety overpowers her every time she is on the stage. In a few cases, she had to leave the stage as it terrified her to see the crowd. And thus leaving her fans disappointed! In one such incident in Amsterdam where she had a show, the iconic singer felt a near nervous breakdown. The effect was so severe that it caused her extreme nausea. That’s not all! In another show, she sneaked out via a fire escape to prevent herself from falling victim again to the mounting pressure.

But isn’t it wonderful that she has continued performing and emerging a sensation throughout the world regardless of such panic attack cases? Thanks to her meeting her idol Beyonce in person, she lessened her anxiety levels and regained her much-needed self-confidence. Now she uses an alter ego to counter these attacks and keep herself composed in such situations- exactly like Beyonce’s Sasha Fierce.

Sigmund Freud

The psychologist, whose unthinkable theories and analyses changed the world of psychology, had his battles too. Social situations made him uncomfortable. Though professionally he excelled, it was only while regularly interacting that he faltered.

Freud studied and experienced a great deal of anxiety and often penned down his ideas about it. He hypothesized that any individual has any common anxiety experience similar to a vast majority of people.

No matter what profession or social background one may have, some of the most amazingly talented and beautiful people have fallen victim to panic disorders. Probably they cared to introspect a little and manifest their inner, latent skills. That’s the first step to getting treated. Their willingness to seek professional help makes it possible for them to handle their panic attacks better.

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