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Ever Wondered How Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson Plans His Workouts? Now You Don’t Have To!

A former wrestler and now Hollywood superstar and actor, Dwayne Johnson popularly known as ‘The Rock’, is a force to be reckoned with. Apart from being a well-known name in the world of body-building and wrestling, he has also earned kudos for his acting career which helped him ace the stardom race and reach the top to become one of the highest paid actors. Of late, he is wowing his social media followers with cute posts with his daughter, his day-to-day life, and his incredible cheat-meals. But that doesn’t take away the fact that he has a killer body and is definitely ready to up the ante if he feels the need. If you want a body like his, wouldn’t you love to know more about his punishing regime? Well, here you go – you can thank us later!

How He Plans His Workout

We have learned that his workout routine is like a pyramid structure. This simply means that when you are starting out there will be a higher number of reps and the amount of weight will be less. As you progress, the number of reps becomes less while the amount of weight becomes more. After a month of doing this, the number of reps goes up too but the weight remains high too. As for how much weight you should be using, you need to check it in the first week. Find out how much you can lift in one go, 12 times. That should be your cut off.

A Day Each For Various Parts

In an interview, The Rock revealed how he keeps each day of the week for a separate part of his body, and works those muscles especially. For example, chest and shoulders for Monday, legs, and back for Tuesday, and so on. You can structure your fitness routine like him too. Just make sure you are eating right too!

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