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These Celebs Overcome Their Eating Disorders and Came Out Healthier and Stronger!

Body shaming is a serious concern, and people of all ages and genders battle with it every day. The pressure to look perfect is higher on women. The unnatural standards of beauty set by the entertainment industry only add to their woes. While the need to stay fit and be in shape is understandable, confirming unnatural beauty standards by starving oneself is unacceptable. The pressure is higher on women from the entertainment industry.

And some of them go on to develop numerous physical and psychological issues while striving to look acceptable. While body-shaming is normalized, the trauma it causes is stigmatized as a mental health disorder. However, some celebrities have come out in the open to talk about their mental health issues and eating disorders that they had to battle while trying to look perfect. These people voicing their opinions helps break the stigma and boosts a body positive attitude among people.

If you have felt it before, you will relate to the predicaments that these celebs go through!


In one of her interviews, the singer Jojo had suffered eating disorders when she was a teenager, and as she was suffering from body issues, she was on a paltry five hundred calorie diet. She wanted to be skinny, and she wanted to look a certain way to look good on the album. Besides that, her contract with a previous label (Blackground) also meant that she had to lose some weight. But Jojo eventually made up her mind to focus on her well-being and was also released from the Blackground contract.

Jameela Jamil


Even teenagers can develop an eating disorder.  The Good Place actress, Jameela Jamil, went on to suffer a similar issue too. She went on to develop body dysmorphia after she had to weigh herself before an entire class. Most people develop an eating disorder after a distressing event. It was the same case with Jamil too, who was battling loneliness and developed an eating problem. Her sufferings only got worse as nobody came to her aid, and she was dwindling in sadness.

The actress even put up her photo when she was at the peak of her eating disorder. However, where there’s a will, there’s a way out. And she came out of it with the help of EDMR therapy. EDMR therapy uses eye movement reprocessing and a desensitization process. It helps people reprocess traumatic events in their lives with the help of various techniques. EMDR worked better than Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. She is now among the celebs who encourage body positivity and endorses inclusivity.

Taylor Swift

Swift’s Miss Americana documentary reveals all about her eating disorder. She was sensitive to people’s notions about her. That, along with the constant media grave, only aggravated her eating disorder.

She ends up restricting her food intake and end up feeling weak after her powerful performances on stage. However, when she acknowledged her problems and began dealing with her eating disorders, there was a significant improvement in her health!

Jackie Goldschneider

Jackie Goldschneider, the successful Real Housewives of New Jersey star, had her struggles with eating. She was suffering from anorexia from November  2018. She calculated what she ate and did hardcore cardio to look her thinnest best. This was because she was equating a lean figure with being healthy. However, counting calories obsessively does no good to anyone as it deprives your body of essential nutrients.

She let her weight loss take precedence over her physical and mental well-being, the trauma of which she had to battle for ten years. However, she soon realized she had to stop traumatizing herself and come to terms with her eating disorder. The battle was a tough one, and she was struggling in silence. However, she made up her mind to speak up and help people like her who might be struggling with an eating disorder.

Sadie Robertson

Robertson is another survivor of an eating disorder. After battling eating disorders for over a year, she made up her mind to talk about her feelings, struggle, and journey in a blog. She suffered from negative body image issues without any of to support her in her struggle. This harrowing experience only added to her woes and dwindled her self-worth dwindled. Sadie, at one point, felt she was losing her identity.

However, she has now gained weight and looks healthy when competing in Dancing with the Stars. While the ugly demons from the past still pop-up, she consciously makes an effort to stop others’ opinions cloud her life! She is truly an inspiration to many!

Have you undergone such battles too, or know someone who might be battling such issues? Make sure you consult a professional immediately to find help! Remember, there is nothing wrong with seeking professional help for your struggles.

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