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Celebrity Weight Loss Strategies You Should Steal Right Now

It’s no news when celebrities make headlines after losing tonnes of weight!  It leaves us speechless for the most part, but there are some unbelievably difficult workout regimens and extreme diets that they resort to. With the assistance of the experts, fitness coaches, nutritionists, and chefs, the right people with the right strategies go a long way in materializing their dreams of reaching the “weight-loss-goal finish line.”

But strangely, not everyone falls under this category. ‘Stars’ have lost no less than 300 pounds together and in such ways that even you would follow suit. Want to know how? These A-listers’ ‘slimming secrets’ and tips can be easily implemented by you if you want at all.

Peter Facinelli- No to Sugar (Totally)

We marvel at how Peter made the best use of the quarantine of this pandemic to get back into shape. And he did that in a rather hassle-free manner. From saying ‘no’ to sugar to ditching takeout foods and relying heavily on ‘at-home cooking’- his lifestyle was there for all to see. He dropped a record 50 pounds that revealed his well-done abs and that he proudly flaunted on Instagram. Peter now swears by home-cooked food and the goodness of it for overall well-being.

That not only curbs the intake but also checks the food quality. No matter how much you visit the best restaurants selling healthy options or sticking to low-carb, vegan diets- you’ve no idea what you’re consuming (think of salts, sugars, and excess oil). In a bid to enhance the flavor, health considerations are pushed to the back, and there’s no blaming them if you happen to gain weight. So stop ordering and start cooking.

Ciara – App-Based Tracking of Food, Workouts

Singer Ciara welcomed her third child, and she surprised the world after sharing her success story of post-baby weight loss. She’s the ambassador for the program that she credits largely to have done wonders to her body and terms the entire journey as “easy, stress-free, and fun.” WW app has been one of the path-breaking ‘game changers’ in her life. No wonder her Instagram followers (no less than 27 million approx) are head over heels in love with her new avatar!

Studies have also proved that resorting to technology to practice self-monitoring. You can do this by logging in the details of meals and activities to predict weight loss significantly. There are plenty of apps in the market at present, most of which have positive results. Ciara is so heavily into apps that after toning down to such an extent, she feels at ease with ‘Peloton,’ which looks after her food program.

Kelly Osbourne – Surgery and Therapy

Host and TV reality star Kelly Osbourne came clear in the podcast, Hollywood Raw, how she lost around 85 pounds. After she committed to eating only healthy foods and working out regularly, all this occurred after the gastric sleeve surgery. Osbourne had stressed how vital mental health is and that largely influenced her in making these decisions.

She was undergoing therapy for almost a year before she went under the knife. That mental preparation was so important. Later on, she preached how eating has a lot to do with the relationship between mental and emotional health. There are essentially two methods- mindful and intuitive eating that can build a proper mind-body connection. And food as the catalyst can be therapeutic to improve the mood and manage rising stress levels effectively.

Ed Sheeran – Focus on Cardio and Reduced Drinking

Sheeran, the songwriter cum singer who instantly rose to fame in recent years after his releases, confirmed in the famous podcast Behind the Medal how he was regular at the back of buses and relaxed with “trays of chicken wings” and few “bottles of wine.” As it is, being on tours took a devastating toll on his health, and his routine was all about what he had said.

Studies revealed how drinking alcohol could lead to obesity and continued weight gain. He felt like beginning anew and then kept away from pizzas and beers. He exercised regularly, at least for 10 minutes, and quit smoking. That’s how he lost 50 pounds.

Do all these sound too hard? It isn’t. And maybe you can begin right away too.

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