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These Celebrities Are Proof That Going to Therapy Can Be Extremely Beneficial

Celebrities have confirmed that when dealing with mental health issues it can be beneficial to seek help with mental health professionals because it can drastically improve the quality of life of the individual. Many researches provides enough evidence that having a discussion with a therapist can positively change the thinking of the individual. It can also help the individual to better handle the stressors of life apart from finding a purpose.

There is a cloud of a stigma surrounding mental issues despite all the perks which are available. It is precisely this stigma which often prevents people from seeking out help from a therapist in the first place.

Fortunately, many celebrities have taken it upon themselves to dismantle the often misguided notion that therapy is unsavory rather than being beneficial for the affected individuals. Consider some of the celebrities mentioned in this article who have spoken about the power of meeting a mental health professional. These celebrities are proof that the process is nothing to be ashamed about.

Who Are The Celebrities That Are Thinking Differently?

Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama Spoke Highly About the Power Of Seeking Help, Especially for Veterans That Were Dealing with PTSD.

During an interview with the prevention magazine in 2016, the former first lady spoke highly about the power of seeking help mentioning particularly the veterans that were dealing with post-traumatic stress disorder. The former first lady, during the interview, mentioned that she kept meeting service members and spouses of military personnel who were hesitant to seek out help because they believed they would be able to handle it themselves.

The people she met also had the feeling they would be displaying weakness and showing they were broken if they sought out the help they needed. She was however not convinced by their explanations and in her attempt did everything possible to tell the resilient people that asking for help is always a sign of strength.

Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt Mentions that People Need To Shop around For A Therapist Without Being Ashamed.

Following his divorce with Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt began undergoing therapy as he revealed in GQ style earlier this year. He also highlighted a major factor during the interview about what should be done when seeking out for help by mentioning that individuals need to shop around to find an appropriate got.

Pitt wasn’t ashamed to say he has started therapy and had to meet two therapists before he could finally decide on one. He also mentioned that he loved every bit of therapy. Pitt had spent plenty of time avoiding feelings and presently feels he doesn’t have any time left for things of that type.

The Duchess Of Cambridge

The Royals have been quite vocal and have dedicated themselves to mental health awareness. They have also launched a group called Heads Together in April 2016 which is an anti-stigma initiative in the United Kingdom.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge along with Prince Harry have not been holding back when discussing that seeking professional services can make a significant difference when dealing with mental health challenges, especially for the younger generation. The Royals were clear when stating they need to help young people along with their parents to understand that asking for help is not a sign of weakness.

Catherine Zeta-Jones

Catherine Zeta Jones Was Courageous To Discuss Her Issues With Bipolar Disorder Way Back In 2011.

Back in 2011 Zeta-Jones discussed her diagnosis of bipolar disorder with the People magazine during the time when it was not so common to discuss mental health issues in the glare of the public. The actress mentioned she was happy to discuss her condition especially if it would encourage others to take care of themselves.

Bipolar disorder affects millions of people and as one of the affected she made a declaration there was no need to suffer silently and best of all no shame at all in seeking help.

Katy Perry

Katy Perry Perhaps Gave Therapy A New Definition By Streaming Live Session With a Therapist On YouTube.

Katy Perry went a step further and recently streamed a live session with her therapist on YouTube where she spoke about her struggle with suicidal thoughts. She also discussed her decision to publicize the session with the Australian by explaining that therapy was an excellent tool for her to regain mental wellness.

She said during the session that she had been attending therapy for the last five years and the help she has received from the therapy to improve her mental health has been incredible.

Quite a few celebrities have been frequenting therapists to discuss problems which were becoming a burden on their lives. They were not ashamed to seek out the help they needed but were courageous enough to mention that the therapy had indeed helped them and put their lives back on track.

This information should be an indicator for the average individual not to be hesitant about seeking help for mental health issues because it is quite normal to do so.

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