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This Celeb-Approved Therapy Does Not Cost a Dime Yet Boasts of Innumerable Benefits!

Meditation is nothing but a lot of noise! Says no one these -days! Everyone right from your neighbor to the hotshot celebrity is vouching for meditation. And yes, it has tons of benefits that you should know. At the same time, you may hear many misconceptions about meditation, like your mind has to be completely blank, and so on.

But the point is you have to start somewhere, and once you get the hang of it, you’ll be able to reap the benefits too, as most of the celebs did. Meditation makes you kinder, more open, and more accepting! Meditation is no longer for the yogis only. Celebs are embracing it like no tomorrow. And the rich and the famous are fascinated by it as it increases peace and tranquility. Besides, it also gives you better insight, and more control over their general being.

David Lynch

David Lynch, the famous director, famous for the unique directing style, swears by the Transcendental Meditation for the last forty-five years. He started doing meditation in 1973 and have not stopped doing meditation ever since.

He does it twice a day, every day, which gives him boundless energy, creativity, and happiness. And we believe him, going by his impressive body of work.

Michelle Yeoh

Michelle Yeoh is the number 1 action star, according to Rotten Tomatoes. And we believe meditation has a part to play behind her calm demeanor and successful career. She hails from a Buddhist family in Malaysia, and a spiritual practice like meditation has always been part of her daily regime.

She is not only famous for her body of work but also her role as a great philanthropist. And the fact that she condones humanitarian efforts. Yeoh swears by Buddhist philosophy, and she cannot do without it. As a Buddhist, she believes that the entire world is your family, not only your blood relations. You practice enlightenment and master it slowly but surely.

Miranda Kerr

Supermodel, mother, actress, entrepreneur, Miranda Kerr does it all and has many flairs. Kerr has been doing yoga and meditation for the longest time, almost twenty years. Well, is she partial to a particular type of meditation?

We wonder, given the way, how gorgeous she looks. She reveals she doesn’t do anything special. All she does is spend just five minutes of her day in the morning and the night to meditate and find her inner zen.

Hugh Jackman

This Wolverine star endorses Transcendental Meditation like no other and admits as much that it has been life-changing for him. He reveals he has been anxious even when he was a kid. He had many fears and hated the idea of being enslaved by that feeling of fear.

The only thing that worked for him and helped him overcome these fears was meditation. He was able to feel that all his fears dropped considerably. He does it twice a day, and boom, he finds his zen mode. Nothing has opened his eyes as much as meditation. He believes people are not stressed. They are just fearful, and as long as you accept the feeling of fear, you can handle them better.

Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Winfrey is another celebrity who believes in the true power of meditation. So much so that she even invited several meditation instructors to her production house, Harpo Studios. The instructor helped her staff go through regular meditation, and they immediately felt its effects. They can function better and handle stress better.

Well, Oprah herself has been meditating for many years. She believes when you are still from within, you stay more connected, and it helps you generally become more focused as a person. She says, “knowing that stillness is the space where all creative expression, peace, light, and love. It comes to be is a powerfully energizing, yet calming.”

Well, being a celebrity is not the easiest thing in the world with all the glamor trappings. It makes you more prone to anxiousness and depression. But something like meditation can help overcome these feelings and generally become more tuned to inner peace and be better at what you do. It also impacts the way you are as a person. Meditation is certainly a celeb-approved therapy, and we love the idea, don’t you?

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