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Bizarre Alternative Therapies That Got The Attention of the Rich and the Famous

Celebs are famous for surprising us time and again. This time, it’s their resorting to bizarre alternative therapies that have taken the internet by storm. Some of the most popular figures of Tinsel town have vouched for unconventional therapies that are now readily available — albeit quite pricey for the regular Joe. Move away osteopathy, homeopathy, and acupuncture — people are now availing a few obscure treatments in order to treat illnesses. The more surprising aspect of these therapies is that they are not even completely medically proven. So, what’s this fuss all about? Carry on reading!

Even The NHS May Incorporate Alternative Medicine

These alternative therapies are believed to work like magic as far as an individual’s mental and physical well-being is concerned. These are considered to be valid just like traditional treatments. Sources reveal that people in Britain shelled out something around £130 million on such therapies back in 2005, and this figure is most likely to increase by 70 million over the course of the next three to four years. You might be well aware of terms like reiki, reflexology, and herbalism. But have you ever heard about the quantum touch therapy and using the venom of a bee? The NHS or the National Health Service is most likely to incorporate complementary medicine into a medical care package.

What Are Some Bizarre Alternative Therapies Available So Far?

The highly peculiar assemblage of these therapies might bewilder you. Just consider a few of them for instance. Rolfing helps bring about alignment and harmony to the human body with the help of deep massaging. Shamballa is a type of reiki that focuses on empowering oneself and aims in improving a person’s energy vibration. Ear candling was something that Native American Indians have been practicing for a long period of time. This therapy requires people to hold a burning candle three to four inches far from their ear, and therapists claim that this method helped their clients get rid of migraines, tinnitus, and earache. Sounds quite fascinating, right?

Gwyneth Paltrow Chose Cupping Therapy

Cupping was made popular by Hollywood actress Gwyneth Paltrow. She sustained circular bruises after she went through the therapy, and everyone wondered all about these marks. This particular treatment actually originates from Chinese medicine. The process involves placing heated cups on your skin in order to suck out the impurities that spread across your body due to the presence of cancerous tumors. Well, Gwyneth probably resorted to the therapy not because she has cancer but because she merely wanted to relax and release tension from her body.

Kylie Minogue Once Tried Color Therapy

The celebrated singer, Kylie Minogue, has also tried alternative therapies. She resorted to color therapy, or in simple words, chemotherapy, to heal herself from breast cancer. She is said to have asked the hospital staff to paint her room pink! Well, believe it or not, that worked! She is doing absolutely fine now, and the color pink certainly helped her in the healing process. Madonna, the Queen of Pop, has tried fertility remedies from Italy just because she wanted to be a mother at 46. Aside from these two, other Hollywood stars such as Richard Gere and Sharon Stone are big-time aficionados of crystal therapy. Now, what’s that? It is believed that quartz chunks emanate strong electric currents that encourage positive energy and banish negativity. Want to try?

Prince Charles Opted For Gerson Therapy

Prince Charles is one popular public figure who has received a lot of criticism for his opinion about alternative medicine. Consequently, he had to face the wrath of several complementary therapists as well as health officials. His love for the Gerson therapy is well-known. According to Gerson therapists, people get cancer because of poor nutrition and exposure to water and air pollution over a long period of time. Gerson therapy supports consuming coffee enemas on a daily basis and recommends drinking fruit juice in good amount for illnesses rather than just medication.

However, many medical experts and researchers are warning people against all these therapies and are asking them to follow the traditional way as has been the case for years now.  They find these practices as quack therapies as they don’t have any proven scientific back-up. They fear that a lot of risks are attached to such treatments. If you are toying with the idea of going for some alternative therapy, you should first consult your physician. Look before you leap!

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