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Anne Hathaway Used This Weird Method to Cure Her Anxiety

Anxiety affects millions of people around the world including celebrities. Every day we hear sad stories of how this debilitating condition prevents people from living a normal life. Celebrities like Stephen Colbert, Kendall Jenner, and Anne Hathaway have spoken up about their struggle with anxiety.

Hathaway revealed that the condition used to make her moody until she discovered a ritual that helped her. The ritual, involving a timer and a candle, is as simple as it is strange. Hathaway has to start by lighting the candle and writing down everything that worries her in a diary. The process takes 12 minutes to complete after which she tears the pages of the diary and burns them without taking a second look at what she has written.

The ritual helped in winning her fight against anxiety. Meanwhile, the Princess Diaries star loves Priyanka Chopra, who recently married Nick Jonas. The actress says that she is obsessed with Priyanka’s tanned skin tone and stalked the newly-married couple every day on Instagram.

She wants to know how Priyanka maintains her flawless skin. Just a few days back, she admired the parenting style of Kate Middleton and Prince William, saying that the royal parents inspired her to start teaching her kids better values.

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