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Amber Heard Reveals Secret Behind Her INCREDIBLE Transformation

Don’t get carried away by Amber Heard’s beautiful face and blond hair. The actress is a strong-willed and whip-smart woman who can blend the entertainment industry to her desire. Heard trained for hours every day to get the body that complemented her role in The Aquaman.

Growing up in Austin, Texas, Heard always struggled with her personality and wanted to be more like other girls. She wanted to do something daring when she left high school at 16. With just $60 in her pocket, she followed her dream and landed up in Hollywood. She found fame in the Entertainment industry and has not looked back since then.

Heard says that she doesn’t workout to look better, but to feel healthy and fit. She loves running because it serves as a good stress reliever. She explained that she tends to relax and have more freedom if she is not preparing for a role.

Running helps Heard to clear her mind and refocus on things. When it comes to food, she prefers homemade foods. She controls what she eats especially lean protein and vegetables. Before she makes use of an ingredient, she reads the label and avoids ingredients she doesn’t know.

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