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17 Road Trip Games to Play With Friends

Remember road trips before smartphones and tablets? Endless stretches of highway are punctuated only by the drone of the engine and the occasional gas station stop. But fear not, fellow travelers! Banish the boredom from your next adventure with these engaging games to play with friends without needing any additional props.

17 Road Trip Games to Play With Friends

1. Twenty Questions: A timeless classic, this game challenges one person to guess a secret thought up by the group within 20 “yes” or “no” questions. Each inquiry chips away at the mystery, keeping everyone engaged for miles to come.

2. Road Trip Scavenger Hunt: Turn your journey into an adventure with a scavenger hunt. Craft a list of quirky sights to find along the way, from a red pickup truck to a cow grazing in a field. The first person or team to spot all the items wins bragging rights (and maybe some snacks)!

Image by freepik | Adventure Awaits: Scavenger Hunt on Your Journey! Perfect for games to play with friends without anything.

Freepik | Adventure Awaits: Scavenger Hunt on Your Journey! Perfect for games to play with friends without anything.

3. How’s Yours?: This cooperative twist on “Twenty Questions” throws a curveball. The guesser, isolated with headphones, bombards each player with the question, “How’s yours?” The group, in cahoots, must provide cryptic clues about a pre-chosen object everyone owns, like a phone or a passport. Can the guesser decipher the hints and solve the puzzle?

4. Sorry I’m Late: Get ready for some laughs with this improv game. One person starts by announcing they’re late, then spins a hilarious excuse that’s the plot of a movie. For example, “Sorry I’m late, I had to battle spaceships on the way here!” Can your companions guess the movie title – “Star Wars,” perhaps?

5. Straight Poker Face: Prepare to unleash your inner comedian (and test your poker face) with this side-splitting game. Everyone writes funny or nonsensical sentences. Then, take turns reading them aloud, attempting to maintain composure. The first to crack a smile loses!

6. The License Plate Game: Geography buffs, this one’s for you! Track down license plates from different states or countries. You can play competitively or work together to collect all 50 states. Bonus points for creating funny acronyms from the letters and numbers!

7. I Spy: A delightful game for all ages, “I Spy” challenges your observation skills. One person selects an object and provides clues about its appearance. The others have to guess what it is. Keep the clues balanced – not too easy, not too hard!

8. Who Am I?: Put your memory to the test with this guessing game. Think of a famous person everyone knows. Reveal clues one by one, like hair color or profession, prompting your companions to guess the identity.

9. Movie Connections: Calling all cinephiles! This game tests your movie knowledge. One person names a movie, and the next must link it to another movie through an actor, director, or some other connection. No repeats allowed, so dust off your movie trivia!

Image by freepik | Movie Connections: Test your film knowledge! Connect movies through actors or directors. Perfect for games to play with friends without anything.

Freepik | Movie Connections: Test your film knowledge! Connect movies through actors or directors. Ideal for games to play with friends without needy any game props.

10. Cows on My Side!: Liven up the journey with this energetic game. Spot a cow on your side of the road? Yell, “Cows on my side!” to score a point. See one on the other side? Yell “Cows on your side!” and steal a point if you’re quick enough! Cemeteries become “ghost cows” that steal all opposing points, adding an exciting twist.

11. Fuzzy Duck: This fast-paced, silly game tests your reflexes and attention. Start by saying “fuzzy duck” to the person next to you. The sequence continues with alternating phrases like “ducky fuzz” until someone messes up by saying the wrong thing. A silly penalty awaits the unlucky player!

12. Ice Cream Sundae: Transform the passing scenery into a delicious treat! Keep an eye out for cars in specific colors: white (vanilla), yellow (mango), brown (chocolate), bright pink/purple/green (sprinkle), and red (cherry). The first person to spot all the colors and complete their virtual sundae wins!

13. The Name Game: Calling all name-droppers! This game challenges your vocabulary and memory. Take turns naming celebrities, fictional characters, or historical figures. The next name must start with the last letter of the previous one.

14. The Memory Game: This classic game strengthens your memory. One person starts by saying, “I went to the market and bought…” followed by an item. The next person repeats the phrase, including the previous item and adding their own. The game continues, with each person recalling the growing list. See how long you can maintain the chain without anyone forgetting an item!

15. Would You Rather?: This thought-provoking game challenges you to make difficult choices. One person poses a dilemma with two absurd or unpleasant options. For example, “Would you rather be able to fly but only at night or breathe underwater but only in saltwater?” Everyone ponders and reveals their choice, sparking laughter and interesting discussions.

Image by freepik | Engaging Would You Rather? game sparks laughter and discussions among friends. Perfect for games to play with friends without anything.

Freepik | Engaging Would You Rather game sparks laughter and discussions among friends.

15. Simon Says: Dust off this childhood favorite for a fun, active game. One person acts as “Simon” and issues commands like “Simon says touch your toes” or “Simon says pat your head.” The others must only follow instructions prefaced with “Simon says.” Anyone who follows a plain command is out!

17. Collaborative Story: Unleash your inner storyteller with this creative game. Start a story with a sentence, and then each person takes turns adding a sentence to build a wacky or heartwarming narrative. The possibilities are endless!

With these 17 games to play with friends without anything in your arsenal, you’re guaranteed to have a blast on your next road trip, all without needing a single electronic device. So put down your phones, crank up the tunes, and get ready for an unforgettable adventure filled with laughter, creativity, and connection.

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