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Lost Your Job? Here’s How You Can Prepare Yourself Mentally for the Next One!

Losing a job can be really hard. The thought of losing a job and then looking for the next one can be a source of constant anxiety, and the double whammy of unemployment can be another cause for distress. When you are searching for a job, it also makes you get ready for the future mentally. For many, looking for a job can take about six or more months.

It is also important to accept the fact that you may have to go through several rejections before getting yourself a new job. It is always good to practice a feeling of resilience so that you do not suffer from depression or go through a cycle of anxiety that could make things worse. However, with a few coping techniques in place, you can take care of your mental health and come out of it stronger and better.

Take a Pause, But Don’t Let That Stop Yourself

A job is a big loss and you need to feel sorry about it or feel bad about it, but you need to carry on after grieving about it as well. The need to take on the next phase of life becomes a bit difficult. However, the more you stop yourself from going to the next phase, the more time you’ll take to heal from the job loss and get yourself right back into the workforce. You do not want to do this. You do not want a small pause to disrupt your career, do you? So, give yourself some time to sort out your issues and then move on.

Get Back To a Routine As Soon As Possible

Sometimes when you are moving at a breakneck pace trying to achieve a million things all at once, a sudden aberration like that can put you out of sorts, but you need to treat it as such. Schedule a me-time as soon as you can, it could be a vacation or anything, just to take a break from everything good or bad happening in your life.

This will also be a reckoner to snap back into your old routine, that is get back on work mode. Slowly, get back to your regular groove starting with a morning routine. Do your regular stuff, such as scheduling a lunch break, and not let the job search get to you. You have to take it slow and soon you’ll be able to be strong enough to get back to it.

Explore New Opportunities

While you are in this job-searching phase, try and put in a few hours to learn a few skills, a language, or consider getting back to school. You can even consider changing career fields! If you have got the support of finances, you can focus on trying to develop new passions and hone up some old ones.

Developing Marketable Skills

Many people continue to do a job for so long that they are unable to list their marketable skills. You need to create a list of each of your skills so that you can analyze various difficult situations. Such a practice will also help you become a people person. While you are developing these skills, do find out how you can incorporate them into your next job.

Reframe Rejection as Another Opportunity

While you are looking for the next job don’t let the unanswered job applications and interviews affect you. Instead, make it look like another job opportunity with a better outcome. Search for a job opportunity that’s good for you, and it is not just a duty that you have to fulfill.

You May Need Help, Go Ask For it

Continuous encouragement and patience are some of the key determining factors for someone who is looking for a job. If you are still feeling lazy or disinterested, you need to connect with your loved ones, family members, and friends as they would help you if you are suffering from depression or anxiety. Having a shift of focus can help you in this regard, so focus on household tasks and concentrate on family. All this may prove to be a welcome distraction for the time being.


Those who suffer from depression may need additional support. If you are apathetic or hopeless, you can always seek help from a counselor or a primary care physician.

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