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Should You Take A Swim Spa Instead Of Taking Pills?

Traditionally, advocates of alternative medicine have spoken highly of the vents on the earth’s crust. Mineral-rich water, heated by the geothermal energy, has been described as a source of therapy and a possible means for treatment since the energy of the universe is supposedly trapped in this kind of water without any form of contamination. As modern science dictates the importance of micronutrients in sustaining the proper functionality of living cells, texts from alternative medicine treatment experts go on to stress that water is the most effective mode of therapy for a large number of diseases without any form of adverse effects.

Can Water Be As Effective As Medicine?

Medicines are chemical compounds prepared for the treatment of a specific disorder or disease. Since it needs to be ingested, it would inevitably result in some sort of a reaction which may exceed the level it is originally intended to reach. This, in turn, may trigger unwanted reactions throughout the body in most cases which are further required to be treated. Water, on the other hand, forms the basic constituent of our cells and tissues. Moreover, since water is not ingested in any form during aqua therapy, it does not produce any form of reaction inside the body.

Which Disorders Can Be Treated With Swim Spa?

Swim spa or hydrotherapy works on the principle of energy flow from one body to the other. The primary aspects of a swim spa take into account the energy stored in the universe (in this case, water) and the energy fluctuations inside our body in case of any disorders like pain. The precision difference in temperature of mineral-rich waters applied during swim spa forms the sink which in general belief, stabilizes the energy flow inside our bodies and reduces pain.

Fatigue of key muscles and muscle cramps can also be treated with the help of a swim spa. Strenuous work for long durations, as well as working in oxygen-starved environments, results in muscle cramps and muscle fatigue. Swim spa allows the affected individual to be at rest without any form of movement — something almost equal to floating in a vacuum without making any significant effort. This results in the regeneration of damaged tissues and reducing the heat generated (any damage to tissue results in the generation of heat in the vicinity).

It Can Be Used In The Treatment Of Arthritis, Too

Pain caused by arthritis is also one area where rigorous administration of drugs can be reduced by the use of swim spas. People suffering from arthritis report swelling of joints, muscle pain, weakness, and pain in joints. The most common form of therapy advised is a regimen of physical therapy — some basic exercises to be done continuously or at regular intervals for 2 and a half hours each day. Since a daily routine does not allow an average working individual to adhere to these strict guidelines, aqua therapy is considered to be the best form of aerobic activity. Walking while partially submerged or similar movements in water produces the same effect, albeit with much less effort and pain.

Other Health Benefits of Swim Spa

As aforementioned, the concept of aqua therapy revolves around the principle of energy flow. Aqua therapy is believed to increase blood circulation, regulate overall body temperature, and serve as an effective aerobic support to provide the flexibility of muscles. Since normal buoyancy can support about 50 percent of our weight when placed in water, the risks are often too small in comparison to modern drug regimens prescribed.

Cost-Effective Solutions For Spa-Based Treatment

Most compact, as well as large houses, sport a pool or a portable tub in the backyard or rooftop, so setting up a personal spa does not require additional installation costs. The hiring of an expert who’ll guide through the procedures comes at a fraction of the cost of the total treatment cost involving synthetic drugs. In case there is a space crunch at your place, visit the local spa on a regular basis as it would pretty much generate a bill like the average community gym.

Overall, the burden of additional expenses does not play up if the swim spa is included in the standard therapy procedure. You can successfully find a treatment solution for several common and chronic disorders in the form of an aqua spa.


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