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52 Stars Who Passed Away & No One Even Noticed: Attorneys Had To Help Grieving Family Members With Their Loved Ones Wills

Doris Day – Pneumonia

The popular singer and actress won hearts with her songs in 1939 and attained stardom with her number A Sentimental Journey in 1945. After embarking on a solo journey, she achieved the feat of recording a whopping 650 songs between 1947 and 1967. After making a foray into the film industry, she starred in the 1948 film Romance On The High Seas which earned her enormous success and cemented her position in the industry for the next two decades. Her contribution to Hollywood led her to win a Lifetime Achievement Award in 1991, apart from winning a number of Golden Globes for her astounding acting skills. She didn’t want to settle down in leisure during her retirement so she dedicated the rest of her life fighting for animal rights. Though she remained healthy even in old age, the beloved Doris Day succumbed to pneumonia and died on May 13, 2019. Her legacy will live on for years to come, inspiring numerous aspiring artists who wish to make a mark in Hollywood like she did.

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