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How Kesha Overcomes Struggles With Mental Health During Holidays

There was a time Kesha believed that being skinny was the secret to being successful in the music industry. She didn’t want to put on more pounds because she was scared to be criticized in the media. The singer admitted that she was eating so less at one point that she lost energy and was unable to do the things she loved. There were days when she wasn’t able to get out bed because she wasn’t eating well. She eventually took a break from her music career and sought medical treatment for her unhealthy eating habits.

During that time, Kesha also struggled with depression and anxiety which is why she can relate to what others go through. The singer has always been honest, open and realistic about her mental state. She revealed that holiday period can fun and exciting, but it can also be an emotional and stressful time for some people.

The expectations of happiness and fun can turn into a nightmare for those struggling with addictions, anxiety, and depression.

Kesha has a mantra to manage her mental health during the holiday period. This involves doing what she loves, i.e., walking in nature, talking with people or a therapist, and meditating. She confessed it was difficult to achieve a complete satisfaction during the festive season, but, getting engaged in activities can calm her nerves down. If it works for Kesha, it can work for her fans too.

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