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These Incredible Celebrity Houses Will Leave You Speechless – They Sure Know How To Live In Style

Tiger Woods — Est. $60 Million, Florida

The best thing about being a multimillionaire singer is that your financial planning advisor doesn’t let you take any unnecessary risks and only points you towards the best investment decisions that you can possibly take. Cher’s advisor pointed her towards Beverly Hills, and it was one of the best decisions that she could have made because that location is teeming with the most amazing houses in the entire country.

Only the most successful and established people reside there which means Cher is right at home when she’s there. This woman has fought long and hard to get where she is and made her place in the world as a female singer – she isn’t done yet, of course. With the distinction of selling 100 million records across the globe, she is definitely one of best-selling music artists ever. We wish her all the best for all the projects that are lined up in the times to come.

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