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Home Remedies You Should Try To Treat Hemorrhoids (Piles)

Are you suffering from ‘hemorrhoids’? If yes, you are not alone. About 75% of Americans have faced this issue at some point in their lives. Not that the condition stays forever, but it disappears within a few weeks. But till the time it persists, the pain and discomfort can be excruciating. Piles, or ‘hemorrhoids,’ refer to the swollen veins inside the rectum and anus. If you have already tried some high-end medication, but to no avail, few home remedies work wonders. Here are a few of the home remedies you can try to get relief and comfort.

Aloe Vera

From the traces of history, we know that aloe vera gel is used for multiple skin ailments and also when treating hemorrhoids. Some anti-inflammatory properties help in relieving the pain to a considerable extent. However, no clinical evidence exists that would vouch for the efficacy of aloe vera gel when it comes to the question of curing hemorrhoids.

It is only the National Center for Complementary and Integrated Health that has listed the gel as a suitable and safe option for topical use. Though you might find the gel as a vital ingredient in several products, it is only the purest form that is better to use for treating hemorrhoids. Try planting a small aloe vera, and you can harvest the gel directly from its leaves. Nothing like it!

Witch Hazel

For both itching and pain, which are chief symptoms of hemorrhoids, witch hazel is a ready boon. Naturally, it’s anti-inflammatory, which means swelling comes down significantly. You can try and purchase the witch hazel in liquid form and then apply directly to the pile’s region. If that’s not possible, plenty of products are replete in this, like soaps and anti-itch wipes. Invest in them and use them.

Soothing Wipes

Wipes ensure perfect cleanliness, and that is exactly what you can use for keeping the problem area clean, sans irritation. Some wipes also come with cool, soothing, and anti-hemorrhoid ingredients like aloe vera and witch hazel. Ensure that the wipes you use are less in perfume, alcohol, or irritants’ content, aggravating the symptoms further. In this regard, it’s better to stay away from toilet papers as they are not safe to use for patients suffering from piles.

Epsom Salt Added To Warm Bath Water

To calm and soothe the irritation that often emanates from hemorrhoids, you can use a sitz bath. It is a very small plastic tub that you can place over a toilet seat. Alternatively, you can choose to have a full-body bath in the tub. Going by studies from Harvard Health, a warm bath for 20 minutes after every bowel movement, is a great solution. As add-ons, put some Epsom salts to the bath,  offering unmatched relief to the growing pain.

Stool Softeners

These come to the rescue when the condition deteriorates. As per The National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases or NIDDK, psyllium is a great fiber supplement akin to a stool softener. Resorting to this and similar items help in softening the tool, and naturally, the passage is far clearer when it comes to quick and painless bowel movements. Users can either consume capsules, liquids, or powder forms, once or twice or even thrice daily, basing on the severity of the problem.

Cold Compresses

Remember, the region is already heated up, so you can try some cold compresses for instant pain relief. Think of ice packs and apply them to the anus region for reducing the swelling. Start with 15 minutes, and you can increase the duration later if needed. For those who suffer from painful hemorrhoids, compresses prove effective. If you don’t have an ice bag, wrap the ice inside a paper towel or a soft cloth. But never make the mistake of applying it directly to the skin.

For added benefits, stick to soft cotton clothes. Unlike polyester or synthetics, these are breathable fabrics. A mere application of healing products won’t yield you until you make some lifestyle and dietary changes. Keep yourself hydrated and consume high-fiber foods. Sitting for long periods and not indulging in physical activities prove detrimental in the long run.  So, consult your doctor and embrace a healthy lifestyle right away!

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