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What is Agoraphobia? And How Can You Treat it Naturally?

Have you seen the film, Pontiac Moon? We ask whether the film is all about Agoraphobia, or at least part of the film dabbles in it. It is a condition where people suffer from an anxiety disorder where they are fearful and try to avoid situations or places that makes them panic. You feel trapped, helpless in a given situation.

You are scared of a certain situation, like trapped in enclosed or open spaces or scared of the crowd. People have agoraphobia when they suffer from one or more anxiety attacks. They usually have this feeling that they can’t escape a certain situation if the anxiety keeps intensifying.

So, they start avoiding the places that they think may give them anxiety attacks. Sometimes these feelings can get so intense that the suffering person may feel fearful of venturing out of their home’s safe confines. So, is there a natural way to treat agoraphobia? Yes, there is. You need to try various natural treatments to lower your feeling of fear.

Incorporate Relaxation Techniques

Relaxation techniques are strategies that you can incorporate to help minimize your feelings of stress. These techniques can also relieve excessive strain throughout the body and relax the stress of your mind. You can learn relaxation techniques at home. This can reduce any negative feeling that you may harbor and evoke a feeling of relaxation.

Stress may be one of the sources of anxiety. Stress also contributes to various physical and mental health issues. Too much stress can further lead to anxiety attacks, so you need to find some stress management techniques, breathing exercises, music therapy, and many more.

Practice Desensitization

Desensitization is one technique that you can discover during treatment. It helps get over the triggers linked to panic attacks and feelings of anxiety. Desensitization is a great way to overcome your fears. Desensitization is a process where you imagine yourself to be in situations that may evoke anxiety and how you learn to relax despite the situation.

You can also call it visualization, where you visualize and direct your mind inside the situation and find a way out of it. This way, you will gradually get a greater grip over such situations and avoid situations or occasions.

Alternative Medicine

There are certain dietary supplements or adaptogen herbs that can have a calming effect on the mind. But you have to talk it out with your physician before trying any of it. Self-medication is a great problem nowadays.

You should not do that, especially when dealing with a serious issue as agoraphobia. There are supplements such as Ashwagandha, which has potent stress-reducing qualities. But as we said, it isn’t for every day, so use it only if your doctor recommends it.

Get Support

Living with a condition such as agoraphobia can not be easy for anyone. You may also feel that you handle it, but it is always best to seek professional help. So you don’t get imprisoned by your fears.

You can follow certain coping techniques such as follow the treatment program to the tee, take medications. It does everything that your doctor tells you to. Ensure you communicate regularly with your therapist. Also, the more consistent you are, the better your results will be!

Also, don’t be too scared of certain situations, or rather don’t let the situation conquer your mind so much that you find it difficult to escape from its clutches. Visit those situations in your mind so often that the situations do not seem ominous at the end of it.

Seek help not only from your therapist but also from your friends and family. There are so many calming techniques nowadays that you can try. You’ll never know how they work till you try. Meditation, massage, yoga, visualization, they all work. Here’s the thing, you have to try them out to know what works for you and what does not. You have to keep doing them for a while to reap the benefits.

Agoraphobia may seem scary to those who are suffering from it, but seeking help at the right time can help you overcome it. Acknowledging that you have a problem is the first step to healing from it, and we are sure you can overcome this.

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