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These Celebrity Kids are a Copy of their Famous Parents – Try not to get Confused When you see them Side by Side

Ella Bleu Travolta and John Travolta

John Joseph Travolta is a successful actor, dancer, pilot, and singer who is popular by the name John Travolta. Debuting in the 1970s, he has been entertaining the world for several decades now. The 66-year-old has a current net worth of $170 million. Married to Kelly Preston since 1991, the couple has three children Ella Bleu Travolta, Jett Travolta, and Benjamin Travolta.

Kelly Preston’s middle child Ella Bleu made a name for herself after her role in the movie Old Dogs. She not only acted alongside her parents but also legendary actor Robin Williams. The Travoltas are a happy family and John is keen on investing in Ella’s acting career. Ella is now 20 years old and we hope she finds as much success as her parents.

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