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42 Hollywood Couples That Prove Love Can Last – Even For The Rich & Famous

Jeff Bridges and Susan Geston Bridges – 43 years

Jeff was pretty confident of making Susan his better half the moment he set his eyes on her. He still fondly remembers those Rancho Deluxe days when he just went gaga over the gorgeous lady. Though initially, Jeff faced rejection, he made sure to make Susan a major part of his life the next time he met her. And that actually, did happen.

Jeff married Susan in 1977, and the lovely pair swears by each other’s companionship till today. The love between the two never seems to fade away. The couple shares three daughters – Haley, Jessica, and Isabelle. And the reason for that glow in their faces has to be love, a healthy wallet, or surely an anti-aging cream. Which one? We don’t know yet.

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