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These Celebrity Relatives are a Copy of their Famous Family Member – Try not to get Confused When you see them Side by Side

Benjamin Keough & Elvis Presley

Priscilla and Elvis Presley’s daughter, Lisa, couldn’t get enough of her famous dad as Elvis breathed his last when the little Lisa was all of 9. Lisa married four times, and the list of her other halves also includes the pop icon, Michael Jackson. Among her four kids, her older son, Benjamin, bears an arresting similarity with the late King of Rock and Roll. Benjamin hasn’t yet made up his mind on which career path he would tread on, but having similarities with his iconic granddad is a huge plus-point, and moreover, a substantial support from his super-rich mom would surely take him places. It’s a given fact that this young lad wouldn’t have to worry one bit about repaying loans or appointing bankruptcy lawyers.

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