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59 Celebrities & Their Incredible Net Worth – Can You Guess Who Has The Biggest Bank Account?

Anna Wintour – Est. $35 Million

It’s not every day that we see a journalist as successful as Anna Wintour. She’s been able to store millions in her bank account due to her lengthy career as Editor in Chief for Vogue magazine, and she’s done an absolutely amazing job of it, which is clear, judging by her net worth. She’s reportedly has a yearly salary of $2 million dollars, which is mind-blowing but well deserved to say the very least. A lot of her earnings have also come from the movies that she’s acted in as well as movies that were made about her. Her house is one of the most gorgeous buildings in the world, and you’ll never want to live anywhere else once you’ve seen it. It’s elegant design coupled with its grandeur make it simply, irresistible.

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