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These Incredible Celebrity Houses Will Leave You Speechless – They Sure Know How To Live In Style

Judge Judy — Est. $9 Million, Rhode Island

Judy Sheindlin is famous for the show, Judge Judy, where she precedes an arbitration court. The show is extremely popular as Judith Susan Sheindlin minds over small-claims cases in a courtroom where the court proceedings for reality television. She has made a massive wealth from the television show’s success, her books, and the long-standing career as a former family court judge.

Judge Judy and her husband, Jerry Sheindlin, have a huge portfolio of mansions and penthouses across America. This gives them many options to choose from a wide variety of beautiful homes. Judge Judy purchased the house in Newport, Rhode Island is valued at $9 million and covers 14,912 square feet.

The house offers many amenities right from six massive bedrooms, a 2-story entrance hall, floor-to-ceiling stone fireplace, and geothermal heating. It also has state-of-the-art technology, an elevator, cooling in the floors, and multiple rooms that offer wonderful coastline views. Well, her wise investments have ensured that she has a secure financial future.

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