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Treat Your Digestive System Problems in Seven Steps

If you’ve been getting sick often, or maybe packing on the pounds, you may actually have some plumbing problems. We’re talking about your digestive system! Digestive disorders are growing increasingly common and many people face trouble with the foods they consume. Irritable bowel syndrome, bloating and heartburn are common, just as are diarrhea, gas and acid reflux. But there’s no need to grow accustomed to the discomfort! Here we illustrate seven steps you can take to improve your gut and enjoy a healthy digestive system!

Is Your Gut Off-Balance?

Low-fiber, nutrient-poor, high-sugar and high-calorie diets cause bad bacteria and yeasts to begin calling our gut home, and this is damaging to the body’s ecosystem. Certain medications have ill effects on the digestive system as well, like Advil, aspirin, and Nexium, for example. Hormones, antibiotics, and steroids also wreak havoc in the intestines. When you have stress, exposure to toxins, infections or a bad diet, your gut imbalance shows up in weight gain and frequently falling ill. Some illnesses are actually related to your gut, though you wouldn’t think so, like arthritis, eczema, and psoriasis.

Seven Golden Steps for Golden Gut Health!

  1. Consume Whole Foods – fiber is your friend, and processed foods your enemy! Increasing the amount of fiber you get in your diet by having unrefined carbs and increasing your intake of fruits and vegetables will keep your gut happy and healthy. Whole foods are healthy and offer the roughage necessary to keep your colon working smoothly.
  2. Eliminate Allergens – common allergens are gluten, yeast, dairy, soy, corn, and eggs. Avoiding these foods for even a week, or two if you can, can help your system reset and help you find out whether your system may be acting up in response to one of these foods. If you feel much better and lots of relief from discomfort, begin introducing foods into your diet one at a time, giving each a few days to see how your system reacts. This should help you determine whether you have a sensitivity to any allergens. Even if these allergens do not produce significant issues in your digestive system, they can be related to inflammation of the gut and should be avoided as much a possible.
  3. Treat Infections or Bacteria – see a specialist to determine whether you have any infections of the gut that you require treatment for in order to start healing your system. Parasites and yeasts, small bowel bacteria and more can inhibit the performance of your gut.
  4. Replenish Digestive Enzymes – not having enough digestive enzymes in your gut can hinder the proper conversion of food into fuel for your body. Broad-spectrum digestive enzymes are available in supplement form, which can be easily taken with your food to replenish your enzyme count.
  5. Rebuild Your Gut Bacteria – probiotic bacteria are so important for good gut health, and if you do not have a healthy amount of good gut bacteria your digestive system will suffer. Taking probiotic supplements can go a long way, as will drinking kefir, yogurt, and other naturally fermented foods.
  6. Get Good Fat – taking omega-3 supplements can cool gut inflammation and goes a long way in boosting the functions of the brain and also provide some satiety, helping you avoid sugary snacks and processed foods I between meals.
  7. Heal Your Gut Lining – gut-healing nutrients are zinc and glutamine, which are necessary for the regular functioning of the gut.

How Your Gut Works

Your gut has a lot of work to do. The gut is responsible for absorbing nutrients, keeping out toxins, microbes, and allergens, and support the functions of other parts of the body. Your gut is like a rain forest, with 500 species and three pounds of bacteria living in your gut! It is something of a chemical factory that works to break down food, keep hormones regular, absorb vitamins and produce healing compounds and excrete toxins and impurities. There is a lot the gut has to manage and juggle, and keeping it in balance can be difficult in a time where convenience foods are jumping off the shelves, junk food is so easily accessible and take-aways are tempting you! But maintaining your gut health will reward you with optimal health and an amazing sense of wellbeing!

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