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Step Aside, Ladies! Here Are Four Male Celebs and Their Unusual Beauty Treatments!

From Kim Kardashian’s vampire facelift to Alessandra Ambrosio’s Brazilian hair-burning technique, celebrity women have gone far and wide to search for the most effective, albeit most unusual, beauty treatments that money can buy to resolve skin issues, restore dull, wrinkly skin, and exude a youthful glow.

But what about the hunky men of Hollywood? What do they do to keep their hotness quotient high and stay at the top of their game in terms of the looks department? In reality, men are not too fussy when it comes to their beauty routine. Additionally, there’s a stigma attached to men and beauty routines — though, let’s face it, there’s seriously nothing wrong if men want to take care of their skin as much as women do, right? Aside from the usual high-end creams and moisturizers, some male celebs have also opted for some of the weirdest beauty treatments offered in the industry. Ready to be shocked? Read on!

John Stamos — Greek Yogurt Facial

Let’s start with something light and a little bit normal than the rest in this list: John Stamos and Greek yogurt. Instead of having this with fresh fruits for breakfast, John Stamos, of Full House and General Hospital fame, thought it would be a good idea to use it as a face mask! Though we’re not sure why he chose Greek yogurt, he has claimed that it had a brightening effect on his face! These days though, Stamos has found a better alternative — Korean sheet masks!

Tom Cruise — Bird Poo Facial

At some point in our lives, a passing bird has probably let its nasty bowels loose on our heads. But to knowingly slather bird poo on our faces? No, thank you! Apparently, Mission: Impossible star Tom Cruise doesn’t think it’s disgusting at all as he swears by this “effective”, not to mention, expensive Geisha facial which involves mixing nightingale droppings with water and rice bran. This mixture is applied as a face mask, and apparently, it acts as an exfoliant, resulting to younger-looking, bright skin. A little bird also told us that David Beckham is a fan of this facial. Seems like these celebs have been trading beauty secrets!

Harry Styles — Sheep Placenta Facial

Back when he was still on tour with his fellow One Direction band members, adorable charmer Harry Styles relies on sheep placenta facials to unclog his pores after being buried under inches of makeup during his performances. Bizarre? Definitely! A doctor from a Beverly Hills clinic said that sheep placenta contains ample nutrients that are beneficial for human skin, and apparently, this 90-minute sheep placenta facial works wonders in banishing free-radical damage from the skin and keeping the face radiant and plump. We’re not sure if we’re brave (or rich) enough to give this a go, but other celebrities like Victoria Beckham have tried this, too. (What is up with the Beckhams? Bird poo? Sheep placenta?)

Mel Gibson — Cow Brain Ointment

Out of all the treatments in this list, Mel Gibson’s secret is definitely the most shocking! This Braveheart star and veteran actor uses cow brain ointment not for beauty purposes but more for its “luck”. No rabbit’s foot for this man! From what we’ve heard, Mel smears a special ointment made from cow brains on both arms before a poker session with his pals. He claimed that by applying this goo all over his arms, it helps clean his body’s neurotransmitters (even we’re not sure what he meant by this exactly) and sharpen his mental focus. No other celebrity has done this, and we’re a bit doubtful about its power to bring luck. But if you ask us, we’d rather stick to our four-leaf clovers, thank you very much!

When it comes to signs of aging, Hollywood is mean and judgmental, so celebrities have resorted to some of the weirdest beauty treatments to maintain their glow. From bird poo and sheep placenta to blood plasma and snake venom creams, many celebrities have weird beauty tips up their sleeves — and celeb hunks are no exception! For those of us who can’t afford to shell out hundreds of dollars for vanity and beauty maintenance, we’re all good with our snail slime sheet masks and bee venom face creams. But at the end of the day, it’s better to just embrace aging and accept ourselves and how we look — flaws and all.


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