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Here Are the Simplest Ways to Stop Snoring Today!

Snoring is a serious problem. Much as many make light of the issue during daylight, at night when you’re sleeping next to a snorer, you can feel practically murderous. Snoring can create problems in a marriage, possibly increase the risk of heart disease in snorers and be generally uncomfortable for anyone sleeping next to the snorer or sometimes in the same house as the snorer! Here are ways you can put a stop to your snoring easily and quickly!

Change Your Position

By now, from experience or by observation, that lying on your back causes you to snore. This is because the base of the tongue collapses to the back wall of the throat. When this happens the soft palate causes the vibrational noise during sleep that we term snoring. Simply rolling over and sleeping on your side is a good and quick way of ending the disturbing noise. People have tried many creative ways to fix snoring, including their posture while sleeping. While it might be uncomfortable initially and you may roll back to your original posture, here’s a fun way to make sure you do not sleep on your back again. Tape tennis balls onto the back of pajamas, spools, or any other uncomfortable items. Sleeping on a reclined bed with the head up and extended, can help reduce snoring, but may cause discomfort in the neck.

Weight Loss

If you’ve started snoring after gaining weight, losing those extra pounds is where your solution lies.  Thin people snore too, so if you have always been a snorer, losing weight isn’t going to change this.  Weight gain around the neck squeezes the throat, causing a narrower diameter of the inner throat, which collapses and vibrates during sleep. This narrow diameter is a trigger for snoring. Speaking of the muscles in the throat relaxing, alcohol consumption also relaxes and collapses the muscles in the throat. So losing weight or reducing alcohol consumption can reduce the chances of you snoring!

Unblock Nasal Passages

In some instances, snoring is a result of fast-flowing air through semi-blocked nostrils. Unblocking obstructed nasal cavities can reduce the chances of snoring. This means blowing your nose, or using a salt rinse, or take a hot shower to release mucus before bedtime. If you snore when you have a cold or allergies then your snoring could be from blocked nasal passages. Saltwater rinses are especially helpful at washing out the mucus that is difficult to dislodge or to blow out.

These rinses can be performed by using a neti pot or a similar device. Another simple invention that helps keep nasal passages open are nasal strips, which open up your nostrils.

Hydration, Hydration, Hydration

Dehydration causes the secretions in your soft palate and your nose becomes thicker and stickier. This is one of the major causes of snoring. A healthy intake of water to ensure proper hydration and avoid the effects of dehydration. It is important to have at least 11 cups of water a day for women and 16 cups of water a day for men. But this number also varies on several factors, so ensure you check with your doctor before you start chugging multiple glasses of water.

Also note that this intake is cumulative how much each should be having in total, from either beverages or food intake. This is a very simple thing to do as all it requires is you to sip on water all day. While reducing snoring, it also helps you provide your body with proper hydration to function properly (and thick secretions is an example of it not functioning properly!).

In short, there’s no reason to buy bigger homes, move to different bedrooms, or file for a divorce over the snoring issue! There are a few easy and straight forward methods to prevent snoring. If all else fails, there are a few weird looking contraptions that may help! People have had a chance to get creative with snoring treatment, so you have plenty to try from. For now, just steer clear of alcohol, sip on plenty of water, and change your sleeping position so you aren’t on your back. Don’t forget the hot shower and neti pot, too! You’ll find the trick that works – eventually!

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