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Say Hello To Silky Tresses With These Home Treatments For Hair Loss!

If you aren’t someone trying to improve your hair growth, then you probably know someone else who is trying to improve their hair growth! There are many factors that contribute to hair loss, and while many men embrace their hair loss as they age, some seek a better crop, and women certainly love their crowning glory. Here we list six natural remedies to hair loss and how they can help you grow healthier hair quicker.

Scalp Massage

Massaging the scalp can stimulate hair growth especially when used in conjunction with stimulating oils and hair masks. Gentle massage of the scalp is a stress reliever and can release some tension — and we all know how stress and tension contribute to poorer hair quality and hair loss! The stimulation of the scalp improves blood circulation, transporting more nutrients and oxygen to the hair follicles, allowing them to grow healthier, stronger and quicker. It is ideal to massage the scalp gently daily.

Aloe Vera

This is an age-old remedy for hair loss. Aloe vera is known for its soothing properties, and so, it is perfect to apply to your scalp. The gel moisturizes the hair shaft, working like a conditioner by penetrating the shaft, bringing bounce and life back into your hair, improving the look of your hair, and increasing its volume. Hair follicles are easily blocked by sebum, and aloe vera can loosen this grease and open the hair shaft. Applying aloe vera gel 2-3 times a week should be sufficient.

Coconut Oil

The fatty acids in coconut oil are nutritious and nourish the hair from the outside. The molecules penetrate the shaft and help the hair prevent loss of protein which the hair requires for strength and resilience. Coconut oil may be applied in a range of ways, depending on the hair type. For dry hair, a very small amount rubbed onto the fingers and distributed throughout the hair helps lock in moisture after washing. For oily hair, an application of coconut oil before washing is best. It may also be used as a leave-in treatment overnight or for a couple of hours.

Fish Oil

Fish oil is packed with nutrients and healthy proteins that your hair needs to be strong and beautiful. Omega fatty acids are available in capsule form as well which is convenient for oral use. Antioxidants in the fish oil help improve the diameter of the hair as well as its density. Hair loss is greatly reduced once a person begins regular consumption of fish oil. Omega fatty acids host a range of other benefits as well, like improvement in brain function and immunity boost.

Onion Juice

This may not be a pleasant treatment but it is certainly an effective one! Onion juice can treat alopecia areata incredibly successfully by promoting the growth of hair. The juice improves blood circulation and improves the keratin in the follicles. Simply apply the juice of onions to the hair for around 15 minutes (if you can tolerate it!) and wash as usual. The benefits definitely outweigh the smell!

Rosemary Oil

Rosemary oil is one of the most effective essential oils for promoting hair growth and for the reduction of hair loss. Androgenetic alopecia is treated by many people by using rosemary essential oil. When applying this treatment, it is important to remember to never add essential oils directly to the skin. Just a few drops in your shampoo, conditioner, or hair mask is sufficient. If desired, a few drops can be added to any carrier oil and applied to the hair for some hours before rinsing off. Rosemary oil can be used a few drops at a time for about 3 times a week. Another oil known to improve blood circulation and thereby improve hair growth is geranium oil. This can be mixed with rosemary oil, perhaps two drops of each for a single application, though it does depend on the length of your hair. Short hair requires just one drop of each. Adust accordingly.

At the end of the day, the most important thing to remember when you are trying to treat hair loss and improve hair growth is to remain consistent. Consistency in anything is the key to seeing results. If you do not perform regular treatments, you will not see the result you wish to see – and certainly not after just one treatment or even only a treatment every few months. Dedicate some time to self-care and spoiling your tresses!


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