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Health Symptoms You Shouldn’t Be Ignoring

Aches and pains of many types do not need any attention because they are not indicating anything serious. However, you definitely need to have certain symptoms checked out by a medical professional. You are feeling any of the following symptoms you should be going out and obtaining an expert opinion about the same.

Weakness In Your Legs And Arms

If you are feeling any numbness in your arm, leg or face and particularly if it is on one side of the body it could be signs of a stroke. The symptoms of a stroke will be similar if you are unable to keep your balance or feel dizzy and have trouble walking. Get the help you need immediately if you are unable to see well, have a bad headache, are confused or have problems with speaking or understanding.

When identified early a stroke is in most cases reversible. Do not waste time by waiting to see a doctor but call 911 right away. If you receive a clot buster within the initial hours of developing the symptoms it is possible for you to lower the risk of disability over the long-term because of a stroke.

Chest Pain

When you’re dealing with chest pain you had better be safe than sorry. Chest pain which is accompanied by sweating, shortness of breath, pressure, and nausea is better evaluated by a medical professional because it can be a sign of heart disease or a heart attack.

This is particularly the case if you are feeling the pain when you are active on doing exertion. Chest pain can also indicate other problems with your heart which could be a serious condition like a clot moving into your lungs. If you are feeling some heaviness in your chest which lasts for a few minutes or even returns again you should be getting help immediately rather than waiting to understand the results yourselves.

Pain And Tenderness In the Back Of Your Lower Leg

This can be the symptom of a blood clot in your leg which is identified as deep vein thrombosis. This is a common occurrence if you have been sitting for a long time or you have been in bed for some time because you are sick.

You may feel the pain when you stand or walk if it is a blood clot. Swelling is also common in such cases and the leg is usually tender and red and appears to be larger than the other leg. You could suffer from this condition even if you have been exercising because it is normal.

However, you should be calling the doctor if you see a change in color and feel the heat in the area of the swelling or the pain. You can also check for a condition which is known as the Homans sign.

You can flex your toes upwards and if you feel any pain it is a suggestion that a blood clot has formed. You can ignore the sign if you don’t see any change in color. However, in all other cases, you should be going to the emergency room without delays. It is essential for you to have the blood clot identified before it has an opportunity to break off and block your blood flow because that can be complicated.

Blood In Your Urine

Several factors can cause you to notice blood when you are urinating. It could be a sign of kidney stones if you have blood in your urine and feel plenty of pain in your sites or your back. Kidney stones are small crystals which are formed by minerals and salts which form in your kidney and move through the tube that passes the urine. Your doctor may decide to take x-rays or ask you to do an ultrasound to identify the stones.

Most kidney stones pass through your body when you are urinating though it can be painful. Doctors may on occasions decide to remove the stones with the help of surgery. If you noticed blood in the urine but do not feel any pain it could be an indication that you are suffering from kidney or bladder cancer and therefore a visit to the doctor will become necessary.

Symptoms of the type mentioned in this discussion should never be ignored because they have the potential to leave you severely damaged for life.

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