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Four Home Remedies to Treat Chronic Pain

painChronic pain is one that lasts for more than three months even with treatment. It is not merely a physical problem because more often than not, it affects an individual’s career, social life, and relationships. Conditions like sprains and arthritis cause this pain. There are several medical treatments available to combat chronic pain, but there are also more practical and natural ways to relieve it.

Although used as additional pain relievers, these holistic methods are also perfect alternatives to standard treatments, especially for those who wish to deal with pain, the natural way. If you’re suffering from chronic pain, these home remedies could help you, but remember that each person is different and the treatment for their ailments is different too. So, is each person’s tolerance and the threshold are different, so some of these remedies may work for some, but not for others.


People who exercise and maintain a good aerobic condition will improve most pain conditions. Exercise triggers the production of the body’s natural painkillers. Endorphins, for one, are hormones that elevate one’s pain threshold and change our pain perception. Experts on pain suggest starting with mild workouts and progress as time goes by. Deep breathing exercises, on the other hand, also work in reducing the stresses involved in chronic pain. Hospitals use DBE and even instructed as part of the process for those that are giving birth. But you can turn it into a daily. Make it a habit to do deep breathing exercise and it might be surprising to see your pain becoming manageable as the days go by. It even works as a mood booster for those days when you’re not in chronic pain, but feeling down.

Hot and Cold Treatment

bottle compressWhen a person suddenly gets muscle cramps, hot and cold treatment are immediately applied as first aid. The same principle works in alleviating chronic pain. To reduce the nervous input of pain from the body to the brain, you can use Epsom salt baths. These salt baths relax the mind, while cold application reduces local inflammation. The cold application works in acute pain because using heat in these circumstances can only increase the swelling as in cases of twisting your ankle. Heat application and warm showers, on the other hand, alleviate lingering pains such as spasms.

Fish Oil

Fish oil is a great fighter of chronic pain. It is rich in anti-inflammatory properties. An intake of 1200 milligrams of fish every day is effective in relieving neck and back pain. Some people who have been given fish oil swear to have eventually stopped taking their prescribed painkillers. Apart from alleviating pain, Fish oil has other benefits like boosting the brain’s health, lowering blood pressure and lessens the chance of sudden cardiac arrest for those suffering from heart problems.


Meditation or yoga is a great and fun approach to relieving chronic pain. Since some believe that pain is a mental experience, meditation has been used to alleviate pain. Meditation involves a mindfulness program that focuses on decreasing anxiety and depression levels of an individual. Tai chi and yoga are popular forms of meditative exercises from the east that are frequently used as home remedies for pain. Though usually done to enhance flexibility, lose weight, maintain the figure, and add strength to the body, they also work in improving physical function and reducing pain. People who suffer from fibromyalgia, arthritis, and chronic back pain often utilize this approach.

These home remedies are very easy to try. You don’t need to shell out huge amounts of money to try these remedies. All you need is a little effort and time. These home remedies work great alongside your prescribed medications. You can try these home remedies along and see if it can work alone in managing or alleviating your pain. Living with chronic pain is no easy feat. But even when things are hard; it always pays to get up, work hard to overcome your pain. It is important to make sure it does not interfere with your career, social life, and relationships. And if it gets too hard to manage on your own, try these home remedies to help you deal with your condition. But make sure you talk to your doctor if the condition worsens.

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