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Four Ways to Fight Loneliness to Stay More Fit Mentally

There is a difference between being lonely and feeling alone. Often, we tend to attach a stigma to loneliness. To most of us, loneliness is like attending a social event without a partner, not knowing anyone in a party, or spending your Friday night quietly at home, all by yourself. Social media makes us think that these situations should be frowned upon, something to bother us and make us feel like we are losers. Over the years, psychologists have found out that being lonely has not much to do with the number of friends you have in real life or social media. It has more to do with how much connected you feel with them.

Being alone, on the other hand, can be actually great for anyone. Staying in a state of happiness without depending on any particular person, situation, place, or thing can be highly satisfying and rewarding. That might not be the case for those who are suffering from loneliness. It can be taxing for their health, too. Hence, here are a few ways to combat loneliness.

Reach Out

For people who find it hard to communicate with others or those who become habituated with staying all by themselves, reaching out and saying a simple “hi” can be very difficult. However, one needs to make an effort. Push yourself to say something simple to the person sitting beside you. Whether you are traveling, waiting, having food – just do it. Taking the first step is often the most difficult one, they say, but once you have done this, it will all get easier from there. Keep reminding this to yourself.

Find A New Interest Or Rekindle An Old One

Try to identify some of your interests and sign up for a class related to it. Do you like art? Go and try painting classes. Ever been fascinated with quilt-making? Sign up for a quilting-for-beginners class! There are so many things you can do or learn. These classes are a great place to make new friends or keep in touch with old ones. Find a hobby that satisfies you or try to pursue one you liked in the past. Not only are these classes great for interaction, but they are also good for keeping you busy and thus shifting the focus away from your mental state to something else. The satisfaction you get out of creating something will inspire you further, motivate you, and push you to do more.

Move The Focus To Someone Else

If you are having an especially hard day, it might not be easy to even talk to someone you know, let alone a stranger. But how about you think of it like this – your one small act of kindness might help someone live better and inspire them to do something similar for others. Now, if that is not inspiring, what is? Start by smiling at people who pass by, then try and hug people who have been good to you. Then, take the next big step – buy lunch for someone who is not too well off, maybe? Think of doing one good act each day. This will take away the focus completely from you. Fix a day of the week where you plan to do it, and you will soon realize that you don’t feel lonely at all on that day.

Write Down Your Feelings

A journal can be your best friend. Quite literally, it can! Just like confiding everything to our best friend when we were kids gave us a sense of relief, you might get the same feeling when you write down your emotions in a journal. Writing can be cathartic. It will make you calmer once you have poured your heart out in it and also help you take the right decision in times of crisis. Keep a journal always with you; that way you won’t feel lonely ever. After writing down everything, you will find it easier to communicate with others. It might feel like you have opened a new door.

It has been found that even the deepest and darkest emotions from the bottom of our hearts can be similar to those who may seem okay but really aren’t. It is true that we are all different individuals and have completely different backgrounds, lifestyles, upbringings, and more, yet this startling discovery has given us new hope. This can very well mean that even another person might have the same feeling as we do. Basically, we are not alone in this, only if we reach out and find that person with whom we can share.

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